Life… Just another 4 letter word!

You know, this thing called Life is tricky. You go from the safety of your childhood home, to a college or university where you are suddenly on your own, able to make you own decisions, but don’t really have any real responsibilities, then suddenly you’re out… On your own, with bills, responsibilities, and are all of the sudden held accountable.

You sort of drift through your early twenties, thinking you’re still in college (you’re not) and that you still have the metabolism of an 18 year old (you don’t) and bills aren’t real (they are).

You eat and drink as you have your whole life, since you are slender and working out has always been optional… You have a bank account for the first time in your life, move 3 times and have a very loose relationship with Target, credit cards that feel like monopoly money and you spend like a sailor on leave… because hey, you paid your bills, you bought food…. WHY NOT! That DRESS IS SO CUTE!

You enjoy life to the fullest, have a wonderful manfriend of 6 years, great friends, loving family and adorable cat… not to mention 3 closets full of CLOTHES…

Well…. Welcome to Life… Reality hits… You’re now nearly 27, 30 lbs overweight, in debt up to your eyeballs – both student loan & credit card (monopoly money) and now, you can’t buy a car, much less a house… Well WAKE UP! This is your life.


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