Kill all the things!


April 24th, 2016 – I woke up like a kid on Christmas (or since I’m Jewish a kid on their Bat Mitzvah day) – Despite the full fledged sinus infection I had working through me, I got up SO excited to make breakfast, because I knew I would FINALLY start to feel better.

The first day was a breeze, but having read all the PDF, Book & blogs, I knew it was probably about to get much much worse…

The second day, was much like the first, except Β I had a little more energy and didn’t experience the 3 pm *Yawn*… Which was strange given how sick I was.

By the third day, the sinus infection pressure was manageable with meds and I was feeling excellent.

I re-read the whole 30 break down of what to “expect” during the 30… Because something was off, I was now on Day 4 and I didn’t want to “Kill all the things” – in fact I felt, well, WONDERFUL. I even consulted the lovely B, to see if I was doing it right, because I felt so good.timeline-header

By Day 5 I started to notice something monumental, but to understand that, there needs to be a back story…

About 3 months ago, I began waking up in my sleep, completely drenched in sweat. Much like if you had a super high fever and it was trying to break. I became so worried, that I consulted my doctor to see if there was something medically wrong… There wasn’t and she told me to start sleeping with a fan… Thanks Doc. While the fan & top sheet only combo helped, the sweating was still a problem and becoming obnoxious, but I didn’t really give it much thought.

Well, come day 5, I realized, I HADN’T BEEN SWEATING! Not even a little bit… Which was crazy because how could FOOD be causing me to sweat???

The rest of the 1st week went along much of the same, an abundance of energy, sleeping better and feeling generally great.

One thing that completely caught me off guard, was how I wasn’t craving anything. I didn’t “miss”or feel like I “needed” my nightly glass of wine, I looked at a plate of nachos and thought “wow that looks delicious, but Nah, I don’t want that”, nor did I want the amazingly wonderful baked mac & cheese my manfriend made.

Pre-30: I would have had a glass (or 3) of wine, because it was 5 pm, I would see the plate of Nachos and decide I NEEDED them for dinner or I would eat 2 portions of the delicious mac and cheese (and then another spoonful while putting it away)…

My biggest concern before starting the 30 was that I would “miss” what I had cut out and would crave it, but I’ve been filling my body with such healthy food, that I don’t crave anything!

I also realized that I hadn’t actually been eating real food pre-30. I now see how eating real food and not “diet foods” is significantly more beneficial both in my goals of getting healthy & losing weight.

A typical pre-30 day went as follows:

Breakfast: 100 cal yogurt

Starving by 10 am

Lunch: Protein Shake, Leftovers, Tuna, Deli – Etc

Snack – yogurt & fruit or veggies

Dinner: Whatever my manfriend made

I believe my experience was so unique due to the fact that I didn’t eat much sugar to begin with, so my Sugar Dragon was already under control. I believe I came into the program in the Tiger Blood phase, since I was ready to make a change. I was ready to be healthy, feed my body and change my relationship with food.