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They say “Team work, makes the dream work”… Now I don’t know who actually “they” are or why they say it, I do know, that the sentiment couldn’t be more true.

I’ve had a part time job in the service industry for just about 6 years, I’ve done both service & bartending. While both have their pro’s and con’s, my true love lies in bartending. I couldn’t tell you if its the fun in making drinks, the fast paced nature or the aspect that allows you to connect with people and engage with your customers… But I love it. It keeps me active, gets me out of the house (I work from home) and allows me to interact with other humans.

That being said, bartending is definitely WORK. I don’t want to say that it is hard, because child-birth, cancer or the loss of a relative is “hard”, but bartending is definitely physically challenging and exhausting work. That can all be eased by having a solid partner back there with you…

I like to compare a busy night of bartending, to what I’ve heard of child birth. Its painful, grueling and exhausting. You’re yelling at your co-workers (spouse), you say things you don’t mean, sometimes you need drugs and become crazier version of your former self. However, once the rush is over, and everything has calmed down, you feel exhausted relief, have a vague memory of what just happened and have something so incredibly beautiful (money).

What makes the shift is your partner, your co-bartender, your teammate. Having a solid partner makes the shift smooth, easy and relative calmness amidst the chaos. You zig, they zag, you put a check down with a credit card on top… they run the card and ask who it goes to. You take the order for a bar customer? they’re putting plates down and getting silverware… You work in complete tandem of one another which customers 100% notice, enjoy and appreciate. Thus, leaving you $$$$$$$$

That all goes to shit when you don’t have a solid partner. Nothing is in tandem, nothing is smooth, nothing works… Even the easiest shift becomes a difficult shift, just like customers notice when you’re in tandem, customers notice when you’re out of sync, it affects the level of service you give and thus you make less money.

Its like you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to tend to customers, trying to tend to the drinks of the restaurant and compensate to the lacking skills of your partner. Bartending is a skill that takes time to learn and hone, but those that can’t take critiquing or have the willingness to learn, than you are just getting in the way!

At the end of the day, its about making money, we all have the common goal to make money… If you are getting in the way of that then you’re not being a team player!

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