On This Day

I freaking LOVE Facebook & Time Hop for that matter, because it shows me all the fun times and crazy memories that happened on this specific day!

I’m kinda of a sucker for memories and old pictures… and by old I mean 5 years ago.

Today was a friendly reminder that I have been out of college for now FIVE… FIVE years. When the hell the did that happen?

Facebook’s on this day, reminded me how absolutely ADORABLE man-friend and I were at my Senior Ball. *Collective Aw*

It also reminded me that SEVEN years ago, I was accepted to Bentley University. Bentley had been my original first pick, but since I didn’t have the grades, I didn’t get accepted the first time around. Which I firmly NOW believe was for a reason.

A VERY wise man, and my OG Favorite Guy had said at the time that “The universe gives you only what you can handle at the time” and that “everything happens for a reason”… At 18 I believe I sobbed “What do you know, I am never going to amount to anything and I’m not going to college…” I really wasn’t once for the theatrics….

I ended up going to FPU (Franklin Pierce University) which was 100% the right decision for 18 year old Aly. It allowed me to spread my wings and test boundaries within the confines of a small university where you knew EVERYONE… The curriculum wasn’t all that challenging and I made friends with the right people to help me through classes. I also made lifelong friends there that are still major aspects of my life today. It was without a doubt the right place for me to land on my first venture out of the nest…

After 2 fun filled CRAZY, can’t even blog about to protect the (not so) innocent, years; I decided it would be a good idea to re-apply to Bentley and see what happens. Well, on this day, 7 years ago, I was ACCEPTED and the Wise Man said “See TOLD YA SO.”

7 years ago - bentley

Getting into Bentley was a majorly life changing moment which would end to finding the love of my life and some truly amazing friends.

Like I said, I am really a sucker for memories and truly enjoy seeing / remembering what I was doing in the early years of my adult life!


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