Crazy with a side of Cat


Growing up I was ALWAYS a dog person! My family has had 7 throughout my lifetime, include the 2 goons my parents and sister have now!

Dogs are great! They’re loyal, playful and cuddly… They also are loud, bark, need to be let in AND out, then back in again, then out again… But they’re great! I love dogs.

Now when it comes to Cats, I’ve been allergic as long as I can remember, (dogs too but higher immunity), and thus “hated” them / never could get close enough to know them so I fell for the stigma of a “cat”.

After moving into our current home, I felt the need for something that needed me (man-friend is pretty self-sufficient)… I felt there was a void that desperately needed to be filled by a furry best friend! I wanted a dog, but due to the confides of our current home, it wouldn’t be fair to the dog and I am not about to go out in a New England winter to talk them!

Cats were also out of the question, because both myself & man-friend are allergic!

That all changed Mother’s Day, 2014, I learned about a breed of Cat that was Hypo-allergenic. Here is some more info. Much like everything else in my life, once I had the thought, I had to make it happen!

After doing some research and finding out from more than one site that they’re in fact hypo-allergenic (for MODERATE allergies, no comments from you Dad), I began the search for a breeder. Once I found a relatively local breeder, I found out she had a brand new litter and still had a few kittens still available.

She sent me this pictures and I immediately knew I NEEDED to have the photo bomb kitty! I knew she was my spirit animal and had to have her!

Now the task began of convincing my man-friend to get a cat… It wasn’t easy, but over the next couple days I wore him down enough, made it my 25th birthday present and paid half *purebred Siberian Kittens are not cheap!


And a Crazy Cat Lady was born!

Over the next month and a half I waited patiently (NOT) to be able to take my sweet fur baby home! Including a meet and greet that really only made me want to stuff her in my purse and take her home right then and there!

FINALLY the day came and on July 13th, 2014!!!! I drove up to Maine and brought my sweet girl home.

Adding Piper to our little family was the best money spent and greatest decision I’ve ever made! She is spunky, crazy, sassy, cuddly and my little pal. I got everything I wanted in this tiny cat, she follows me around the house, always wants to cuddle and LOVES to play!

I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I, Aly, would become a cat person, but here I am. She is chatty and animated, can be left alone for a couple days if need be, completely self sufficient and NEVER needs to be let outside (she’s a house cat).

People, and by that I mean my family and friends; think I’m crazy, but the love I have for this cat and the joy she brings to our home is second to none.

As I wrote this, she is happily purring on my lap!


Update: Since writing this post, we’ve decided to add another kitten to our little family!
Meet Baby Brother! Name TBD Coming home end of July!


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