An Open Letter to the Whole 30

Written after completing week 2


Dear Melissa,

My name is Aly, I am 26 years old. I’ve been “thin” but curvy my entire life and able to maintain my weight by smaller portions, limited sweets, but a diet consisting of unhealthy foods and work outing (on occasion)… Over the last 3 years I’ve really let myself go and gained 30 lbs. this was from a combination of comfort in a great relationship, boyfriend who cooks rich wonderful foods, not working out, not taking action, not eating healthy and medication changes. I lamented and self-deprecated, repeatedly said the words “omg I look so fat” but NEVER taking action (aside from quick unhealthy fixes) to do anything about it… – I’ve tried everything, from teas, pills, cleanses and fad diets to “quickly lose weight” but never actually ate REAL FOOD!

13 Days ago, after feeling like utter crap for a solid week, seeing the success of friends and family losing weight / getting healthy, feeling fat and miserable when looking at pictures, I decided to stop talking and lamenting and bsing and finally make a change…

13 Days ago, I did decided to change my life despite resisting for the longest time. I resisted because I felt it would be too hard…. I resisted because I didn’t want to have to meal plan or cook for myself…. I resisted because I didn’t want to give up my daily glass (or 3) of wine… and most importantly I resisted because I was scared that I would feel horrible during the 30 days and turn into a monster.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. My experience, over the last 10 days has been nothing short of wonderful. I had a sinus infection the first week, which typically knock me out, but surprisingly I was able to function, cook and still work… I began meal planning and cooking for myself, which became oddly satisfying,  and I realized around day 5 that I wasn’t sweating in my sleep anymore and was actually sleeping through the night. The sweating had gotten so bad, I saw a doctor a month ago to try to see if there was something wrong… (there wasn’t anything medical).

During my first 10 days, I haven’t experienced any cravings, hangry, kill all the things or headaches… I think this is partially because sugar was never really my problem (dairy and carbs were), and aside from milk and sugar from white flour, I never really indulged too much in typical baked sweets… never saw the point and would always rather eat an entire pizza than a cookie. I also learned I wasn’t really feeding my body, by eating low calorie (diet options) but not actually real food, I continued to crave because I wasn’t properly nourished… I believe my body was so ready to feel better than it embraced the healthy food change with open arms… but I’ve had such a wonderful (easy) experience, I re-read the rules and consulted a friend who is an alum to see if I was doing it wrong because it felt too easy. I also believe the sinus infection helped mask some of the first week head aches.

I have more energy, I am sleeping better, I don’t have stomach pains, my outlook on life is completely changed and already my relationship with food is different. I look at something delicious that I’d typically crave (then indulge) and now think “Wow, that looks great, but I don’t want it”… I’ve learned that I can enjoy a cran-lime seltzer from a wine glass, just as much as a glass of wine and I’ve also learned that eating strictly paleo (no baked goods or cheese) satisfies my body so much, I no longer crave and have learned food is just food, to fuel…. It is not emotional and doesn’t make you feel better if you’re sad….

I’ve learned all of this in 10 days and have never felt better… So much so I can’t stop talking about it to friends and family and have already inspired several close friends and family members (who were resistant) to get started!

I can’t thank you enough for this life 180 and am BEYOND excited to see what the next 20 days bring… I already know I want to limit my dairy intake (which previously was on everything I ate) and live a primarily paleo life (which exceptions of special occasions). ß which is crazy because I always thought paleo was strange and hard and people were crazy to live that way….

Forever Grateful,


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