#LifeAfterThe30 IMG_5211Let me level with you… Tacos are life..

Thanks to the whole 30, which I officially completed today. However, if I am being honest (which i have been so far), it was more like 25 days. I wasn’t as strict of the last 5 days.

There were celebrations, travel and delicious restaurants galore. I made a calculated decision that I had learned enough and accomplished enough in 25 days that I felt I could eat clean and enjoy a couple cheat meals, because I knew I was in control of my food!

I felt that I had, had such a wonderful relationship with the Whole 30 and that I would resent it if I went to these celebrations and “couldn’t” eat or drink what I wanted. Thus I made better decisions because I was the one in control!

The whole 30 teaches you how to live after the 30 which I have implemented already several times! I have TAMED the sugar dragon and came out the victor! BOO-YA!

Now, back to Tacos. *Inset Taco Emoji Here*  Yesterday I realized I REALLY wanted a taco. The craving was intense! Thankfully, the Whole 30 prepared me for this! So instead of eating something i’d regret, or running out to get a taco, I stepped back and put some distance between myself and the idea of a Taco… I gave myself time to think, then today it was ALL I could think about!

I took myself out for 2 tacos, with the works (Ground Beef, Hard Shell, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Guac) no sour cream or extra cheese… Which was usually my MO. I also had 2 Tequila Sodas with Lime & Orange INSTEAD of a 2-3 Margaritas.

I didn’t have any chips and I ordered a Salad (no dairy) to go!

I felt so good, enjoyed my tacos thoroughly and was completely satisfied that I didn’t want anything else! Again, all part of the learning process from #LifeAfterThe30

Life is about Living… Otherwise there isn’t a point. I am committed to eating clean and living healthy lifestyle, but that is within reason of still enjoying my lifestyle. Life is about making choices and thanks to the Whole 30, I now feel free and in control of my food & drink choices.

Here is my Week 3 Comparison as well as Weeks 1 & 2! I am so proud of this transformation and I can’t wait to continue to grow and learn to cook and fuel my body!



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