We are NEVER getting back together!

Dear Crappy Food,

We’ve had a really fun run! You were there for me through stress binge sessions, college drunk munchies (HELLO SANDWICH MASTER in Rindge, NH), Taco Bell runs, endless apps, lazy mornings where all I wanted was a bagel and comfort food (in the form of pizza, mozzarella sticks & onion rings… All at once) when I needed you most.

But I think its time we broke up! Its not you, Its me!

I’ve decided I can manage without you and I actually feel better without you having a major role in my life! *Sorry* I’m not saying we can’t remain friends, but I’ve decided to see other foods and they’re better for me over all!

I think you’re great, and will absolutely keep in touch, but I just don’t think we need to continue this relationship as it really isn’t going anywhere beneficial!

Love Always,



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