Chance Friendships

I’ve always had a semi easy time making friends. I’m friendly, outgoing and when I want to be charismatic… 

Except that one time I met my soulsista E – the introduction went like this:

Mutual friend @ work (restaurant) – Aly, this is E, she’s new and is going to be waitressing! 

A: hi *insert RBF* – I hate new people *shakes hand*

E: (inner monologue) – this girl and I are either going to be best friends or hate each other….

Well, we became best friends and my life wouldn’t be complete without her! She is the most fun and easiest person to be around… She is also one of the hardest working, kick ass mamas around and has the coolest kid on the block! 

Over the years of adulthood I’ve had the immense blessing of meeting incredible people through different channels and have remained close despite life getting in the way.

Another special person in my life is L – who I met through #BumbleBFF – in 3 short months, this girl has become one of my favorite people and is the no-nonsense friend I need to get my finances in order and stop shopping! Because I know she will probably kick my ass, or not let me visit the beach if I fuck up!  

While I have many special friendships, I have one incredible story that stands out among the rest! That is my friendship with the lovely M. 

M and I met while on vacation at Beaches, Turks and Caicos in 2007. We partied the night away and had such a connection that we exchanged information and parted ways. Upon getting back to the states, we kept in touch, despite being separated by and entire country! We visited when our travel plans to either coast allowed it, FaceTimed and could go months without speaking only to pick up like no time had passed! Over the last 9 years we’ve kept in touch, spanning continents, major life moments, break ups, loves and now ENGAGEMENT! Every time we get together it’s like no time had passed at all and I leave grinning ear to ear because her energy, love and charisma is so contagious that you can’t help it! 

M is a beautiful person inside and out! Sometimes people come into your life and leave such a mark on your soul they can never be removed. I am so blessed to have met this special human 9 years ago and look forward to a lifetime of memories and friendship! 

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