The wine made me do it! 

You know that kid in elementary school that is the bad egg? The one that all the parents are concerned about, but all the kids want to hang out with? Well for me, as an adult, that friend was wine.

I get more wine memes sent to me in an average day than most people get in a lifetime, but that’s OK, because I used to be very public about my wine consumption. There was even a brief period where I started a Wine Blog…. I know NOTHING about wine, besides the fact that I like to drink it. That lasted a long….

I drank wine like it was my JOB. I was so conditioned, that at 5 pm on the nose, I had a glass of wine poured… and I am being honest, I own more wine glasses than a person living in an apartment should… (Seriously, some are in storage)

Pre-Lifestyle change, I would drink 1-3 glasses of wine a NIGHT, then go to bed.. WHY??? Why was I doing that! That question at the Doctors (How much do you consume in a week) was ALWAYS painful and met with such judgement…

wine tasting


#LifeAfter30 has taught me that WINE has been the culprit all along. Wine is the reason (among others) that I had IMMENSE cravings.

Case in Point – After drinking wine at Nashoba Valley with L, I drove home thinking about pizza… Which up till then I hadn’t thought about once! I didn’t give in, but BOY did i want to!!

Wine is wonderful, but I DO NOT NEED IT! It makes me bloated, puffy and was the underlying major contributor to my weight gain.

Here is a fun reminder of what this lifestyle change has done for me! Feb 2016 – May 2016.

This bikini bottom didn’t even fit over my bum 4 months ago, and I haven’t worn a bikini confidently in over 2 years.



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