Family Affair – Cooking Edition

I am kind of OBSESSED with my Auntie N. She is amazing, and has always been more of an older sister to me than an Aunt. She guides me when I need guiding… Is a sounding board when I need sounding, offers incredible words of wisdom & logic, makes the BEST most KICK ASS (Gluten, Dairy, Sugar FILLED) Chocolate Lava Cakes and is the funniest person I’ve ever met.

I have the most special relationship with her and am SO grateful for it! That relationship has also transferred to her offspring Z & L. When all of us (My mom, Sisters and Aunt and Cousins) get together, it is the absolute BEST time, where nobody ever shuts up!

Auntie N is the best cook / baker in the family and given my new found interest in eating healthy and cooking I felt it was only appropriate to learn from the master!

I came armed with recipes, ingredients and my sparkling personality.

Menu: Chicken Parm (my go to), Garlic Knots, Spiraled Zucchini, Homemade Tomato sauce & Coconut Cupcakes with a Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Side Bar: I am grateful for my teenage cousins who have taught me to snap chat and humored my desire to do the double dog face!

OH MY HOLY DELICIOUSNESS! I have never made anything as amazing as THIS meal!

I found this Blog and have not looked back! Her recipes are delicious, of all skill levels, and allow you to have incredible food without feeling sick!

Her blog has also led me to other incredible sites that offer amazing recipes! Like these Garlic Knots that will 20160603_225438359_iOSactually CHANGE your life… Seriously go make them right now!

Since becoming Paleo, I’ve OBVIOUSLY cheated and had a slice or 2 of Pizza, Tacos, etc but very small portions… However, I have been desperately been missing BREAD, like bread rolls and especially garlic bread! (Note: I went to a Seafood restaurant in Hull, MA this past weekend and have a MAJOR weakness for rolls at seafood places… I don’t know what it is about them, but they are SERIOUSLY my kryptonite, so I may have had 1…. Or 3)

OK, back to the Paleo Bread & clean eating! OUT OF THIS WORLD! It was easy to make, please read ALL the instructions and her notes… Tasted like it had butter in it, even though it didn’t and was warm, flaky and utterly bread like.

I made Chicken Parmesan “breaded” with Almond Meal (seasoned with Everyday Seasoning from Trader Joes & Garlic Salt) – we did put Mozzarella cheese on the chicken, because YOLO and everything in moderation! Additionally we made homemade tomato sauce! OH and spiraled zucchini as “Spaghetti”.

Best. Meal. Ever!20160603_231724000_iOS

We then capped the meal with Coconut Cupcakes with a Dark Chocolate Ganache.


They’re delicious and fill that incredible need we all have for chocolate!

All in all it was a wonderful night, full of fun, laughs and delicious food!


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