I’ve recently learned the meaning of BUDGET…

noun bud·get \ˈbə-jət\
Simple Definition of budget

: an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent

: a plan used to decide the amount of money that can be spent and how it will be spent
: an official statement from a government about how much it plans to spend during a particular period of time and how it will pay for the expenses

Its a new concept to me as I have always lived beyond my means but paid my bills on time and worked my butt off to do so! The problem is, for the longest time I didn’t even buy quality, but massive quantities of CRAP! (That pissed my man friend off BIG time).

I also PROBABLY should be enrolled in Shoppers Anonymous because, as mentioned in my previous post, can literally buy / rationalize ANYTHING!

(Do they have rehab for shoppers???)

After evaluating my finances and doing my mandated, court ordered reading of Dave Ramsey’s The TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER – I have decided (was encouraged /  mandated)20160604_161141000_iOS to put myself on a strict budget and pay off my student loans at an accelerated pace!

If you haven’t read his book, I HIGHLY recommend it! Even if you are good with your money, it really is informative and teaches great life lessons for money management!

As I’ve been reading, I am learning that everything I thought to be true of debt, finances and handling money has not always been 100% true or beneficial to the future.

Most people have debt in some shape or form, but I realized I could pay off my loans sooner if I stopped being a fucking MORON with my money and actually budgeted myself! NOVEL IDEA RIGHT???

Now, This will be the first month I am budgeting… But after being put on probation from over spending on Amazon (seriously WTF did I spend $500 in May on?!?!) It is now officially court ordered and probation officers enforced that I learn how to budget my money, increase the payment of student loans, cover my other bills and still live my life!

Cute Dress – $20

Healthy food / unnecessary groceries – $300

Cell phone case – $10

Cat Toy – $25

Misc Shit – $400 (total)

Paying off Student loans before I am 32- PRICELESS!

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