Progress is the key to success!

I’ve always been one for the quick fix. The magic “supplement” to help me lose weight… I’ve drank all the teas & juice cleanses, done all the wraps and have counted calories FOREVER… Never once have I experience prolonged progress… Probably because they were QUICK fixes and not lasting methods.

Since I’ve started my weight loss journey and clean eating path, I’ve had major revelations and life changing moments today I’ve had 2!

Side Bar and Quick note on my other goal set of paying off debt! 

In the past month I have been working extermely hard at paying off my debt! Tax Debt waCredits first, followed by Credit Card Debt and now my student loans are being tackled with serious aggressive force!

I received an email the other day informing me my credit card debt had been OFFICIALLY paid off!

This was wonderful news since I feel like all I’ve been doing is paying out my hard earned money and not getting any where, it was nice to receive this as certificate of completion and accomplishment!


Now back to my weight loss journey.

Jan 2016 – June 2016 – MAJOR PROGRESS


After the whole 30 (really 20) – I’ve been living about 85% paleo & clean. I am living as clean as possible, while still enjoying my life and feeling great! I know I should be exercising more, but I have to get there mentally and I unfortunately am not there yet… But I hope to be soon.

The fact that I am still seeing weight loss, while living 85% clean, drinking moderately and not exercising is just reaffirming that I am on the right track and that eating clean is the way to go!

I have officially STOPPED drinking wine (unless its a special occasion) and now only drink Tequila and Soda… Exclusively!

Today, my neighbor and friend, who is size SUPER TINY asked me if I wanted to look through her clothes she was cleaning out. As I’ve mentioned, I am a shopping and clothes junkie, so of course I said yes..COMMON it was FREE! But was super skeptical ANYTHING would actually fit…20160616_171238000_iOS

Well, I took a bunch of dresses, blazers and shoes and excitedly ran upstairs to try them on…. THEY FLIPPING FIT!!!! Best of all was one of the blazers she gave me was a SIZE FREAKING FOUR!!!! I haven’t even been able to look at a size FOUR since mid 2013, seriously even a glance at my size four clothes and they mocked me for looking (there might have been some laughing too)…. NOW THAT IS PROGRESS!

Major Non-Scale-Victory, on top of being down 2 lbs and in an entirely new set of 10 lbs, that I also haven’t seen in a while!

Its safe to say it has been a really good week, especially since it started out with me not feeling myself! I am finally starting to feel and look like myself again and I couldn’t be happier!




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