SH*T Just. Got. Real

[Entering Rantsville]

Things are about to get real… I turn TWENTY SEVEN on Saturday. I now completely understand why my older friends would tell me I wasn’t a grownup or I wasn’t that old when at 23 I complained about being an adult… Or when I turned 18 and thought I had it all figured out and needed to be knocked down because I wasn’t that old!20151024_013434907_iOS

Now I know having friends who are older, that I am NOT OLD… But hitting 27 is throwing me for a utter and complete LOOP!

My mom tells the best story, about the time she turned 30… She reminded me of it this morning when I was lamenting about how 27 was a very weird age for me… She totally understood…

At 30 my mom had 2 kids under 3. On her birthday, we went to visit my dad with us at his office. Low and Behold it was some little chippies 21st birthday (in the office)… The chippy was going on and on about how OLD she felt! I believe a demon force came out of my very mild mannered mother and repeated the following words… “YOU! YOU FEEL OLD!? YOU the 21 year old FEEL OLD! REALLY!” (potentially embellished… Or not)

mom and meI totally get it and FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY… And I now officially understand how she felt!

I don’t want to seem like I am all bitter and whatnot… I have a wonderful life!

I have the absolute BEST guy in the entire world! He is patient, understanding, logical, rational, financially smart, handsome, funny and for some reason loves me despite my crazy ass self. He is the most wonderful human and I am very grateful and lucky to have found him.


20150329_020948000_iOSSide Bar: A & I met at a chain Italian Restaurant in the summer of 2010. I started working there out of a means to an end, trained for a few days, then this very cute, scruffy guy came in for his shift (he had just been camping for 3 days, seeing Phish)… The manager assigned me to train with him. If you know A20150418_201520617_iOS, you know he was NOT happy about this. Additionally if you know A, you know he is scruffy and as we fondly call him the “Un-Shaven Maven”. So little 21 year old Aly started flirting her cute little butt off going on and on about how shes in college and just turned 21! A looks at me and goes, “Um, I am in college too”… I thought he was MUCH older! There a foundation and mutual flirtation was born.  We had our first date a week later, where he said he was going to bring over “Champagne” to watch a movie. In true A form, he brought over the “Champagne of Beers” Miller High Life :)… From there we were inseparable! 6 years, 3 apartments, multiple trips, 1 (soon to be 2) cats later, we couldn’t be happier or have more respect and love for each other!

I am also extremely grateful for the wonderful friends I have in this life. I still have my 2 best friends from KINDERGARTEN! That is a 22 year old friendship that spans the country and is stronger than ever!

I have a wonderful family, great job(s), and beautiful home! But…. Turning 27 is weird. I am officially in my late twenties… I am no longer in my early to mid twenties and I am officially a grown up! I’ve paid off my credit card debt, tax debt and am tackling my student loans… I am saving for a house, I own pets and am accountable for my actions.

Upon the arrival of my twenty-seventh birthday, I’ve also realized that the next 2 years prior to my 30th birthday are going to be major and I think that is why I am being thrown for such a loop.

Birthdays are a big deal to me – entering this newest milestone of my late twenties is just another step that needs to be taken to grow in life!

Cheers to another year!!

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