A Birthday Week in Review

They say you are what you eat… If that is true, I am a slice of pizza with cheeseburger eyes and a  “water” composition of tequila…

I guess you could say I had a good weekend, but BOY does my body HATE me…

Tonight, after returning home from a WONDERFUL weekend at the compound, I got a salad for dinner. I could literally her my body say “Thank you”… and do a simultaneous happy dance… It was cute.

We had the absolute most wonderful weekend at the compound! It was full of fun, sun, drinks, more drinks, some additional drinks, food, more food, sun and then some more food.

I LOVE Food, but weekends like these continue to be a reminder of WHY I started this journey and why I will continue on it. My body does NOT like sugar. My body does NOT like fried food. My body does NOT like soy (or oils that contain soil). My body does NOT like milk…  but does like cheese, in small quantities…

Tigers like pepper… They HATE cinnamon!

My body likes to enjoy pizza and five guys and french friends ONCE in a WHILE…. NOT every day for 4 days straight.. My body also likes looking good in pictures and wearing cute clothes!

Side bar: It wasn’t all those things all day for 4 days… but I did have pizza twice in 2 days and more french fries than I’d care to share…


I celebrated my birthday all week, in true style by eating way too much crap (obviously I have to have all my hometown favorites) and drinking WAY too much! But being able to celebrate my birthday week with my family and friends, then party the night away with 100 of my closest friends and strangers was absolutely the BEST! I have never felt more loved and special than being greeted by every party-goer with a huge hug and major HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

#TikiFest2K16 was also a blast. Friends both old and new of all ages ranging from my parents friends to littlest sister and everyone partied like it was 1999. This was the first year I didn’t get so incredibly wasted, throw up and wake up feeling like I missed the party. I paced myself, enjoyed my friends and seeing guests I haven’t seen in a year… The band was great (until the cops came), the weather was AH-MAZING and I woke up in the morning (tired from the weekend) but feeling good and not hating my life.

However, my youngest sister (L) managed to up-hold the tradition of getting hammered and flitting around the party to the point that her friends woke up the next morning and asked her where she was all night!! YOU GO GLEN COCO!



Some thanks that need to be paid <3


Thank you to my man friend for loving me despite my crazy antics, for always bringing logic and sound to my life and of course for my gorgeous gift (you did good!)

Thank you to my incredible parents for opening up their home to all our closest friends and of course for footing the bill the entire weekend! You guys are the real MVP’s and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to party with you!

Thank you to my crazy, gorgeous, pain in the ass, LITTLE sisters for continuing the banana / hot dog filter craze (its too funny to get mad over anymore). You guys bringing so much fun and chaos into my life – Thank you for always yelling and making fun of my for being “old” – I love you and am more proud of your strength and charisma than you will ever know!

And a VERY special thank you to my CT, NY & MA friends that came out to party and celebrate my birthday! Your friendship means the world to me and I am beyond grateful to have you in my life!

I think 27 is going to be a good year! <3

I will continue to take 2 steps forward even after I take one (LARGE) step back… This weekend of fun and food will not derail me, and tomorrow begins a new day full of promise, clean eating and a fresh start…

I do plan on beginning another 9 (or 30) after the 4th, but plan to get myself back on track with a strict paleo cleanse, minimal booze, NO sugar, NO Soy and absolutely NO dairy for a couple weeks!

So for now, I will take some tums… drink a gallon of water and go to bed, because tomorrow starts a new week!

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