This love is difficult, but it’s real.
– Taylor Swift


Weren’t we SO cute? July, 2010

Ain’t that the truth. But what would a strong relationship be, if it didn’t have its ups and downs? Nothing worth having comes easy…


A and I met 6 years ago this month! – I had just started working at a popular chain restaurant, and was still in my training period, when I was assigned to shadow this scruffy faced, charismatic, handsome, tan, “older” guy… Who looked about as thrilled to be training, as he would getting a root canal.

Having just turned 21, thinking I was the absolute shit, and of course the fact that he was the cutest guy that worked there, I started flirting my cute little butt off. 

Come the 4th of July, our manager told me (brand new server) that I had to close with A, since nobody else “wanted to”… A and I had made tentative plans – as a first date, to go out to the beach and watch fireworks had we gotten out early enough… that didn’t happen.

After our first date (see previous blog) we became regular features in each others lives… Baseball games, concerts, vacations, camping, exploring the city, family gatherings and nights out. We hardly spent more than a couple days a part, and could happily go out or hang on the couch and do nothing.

Together we’ve celebrated all the triumphs  and successes of early adulthood, as well as the growing pains, missteps and the typical life/love battles. Together we’ve taken on the world, and came out the victor (in one way or another) each and every time. Together we’ve journeyed from dumb college kids, to moderately responsible mid-twenty-somethings, to stable (I use that term loosely) mature adults.

All growed up… June, 2016

He may actually be a true saint to put up with the crazy antics that I like to throw out on a regular basis!  I’ve never met anyone else, that is able to defuse my crazy spells with sanity, logic and offer a calming effect… But somehow he can, and for that, I think we’re both grateful!

We have achieved and overcome so much, and I can’t imagine doing it all with anyone else.

There are very few people in this world that I’d rather spend all my time by working & living with, watch play video games or who can push me harder (and with more resilience) to reach my true potential than him. He is the rock that stabilizes me, the shoulder I cry on, the sounding board for all my crazy antics, makes a MEAN Cheesy Kielbasa Pasta Dish that I am sure has a official name, and the smartest person I know.

Basically I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life, and while these last 6 years have been fun…. The best is definitely to come!

Some fun over the years 🙂 in honor of our 6th Anniversary!



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