Today, I was Kind <3

Today I was Kind.

Today I was Generous.

Today I held the door, despite being late

Today I smiled at strangers, when I typically rush by not seeing the faces I pass by.

Today I took the extra time to call a customer to say Hi and request something vs sending an email.

Today I was patient, when I’d normally be frustrated.

Today I said Thank you and Waved as I drove, to every uniformed person I saw. Even though they looked back confused 🙂

Today, in the wake of tragedy, heart ache and a nation divided when we’re actually arguing over the same thing (LIVES MATTERING), it was a good day.

Why does it take tragedy, death, hate and violence to be kind and remember to love one another?

Why, because I am a white girl from a good town, do people think I don’t know what is going on, or don’t understand equality…. I’m FREAKING a WOMAN, in BUSINESS and I’m JEWISH! Just because I am not of a different race, doesn’t mean I don’t understand and am not aware… I understand in-equality and negativity…


Today, for the first time, I spoke up and took a stance on the fact the we MUST respect the Police. Normally I avoid anything controversial or political, because I just don’t want to get into it. But today I felt compelled… .

Never ONCE did I say anything relating to the black lives matter movement or the tragic lives lost. I simply state that WE MUST RESPECT OUR MEN IN BLUE. And with that respect you get so much in return. My post was met with negativity and suggestions that I am unaware of the realities our nation is facing… To be frank. Our once great strong national is FUCKED.

Facebook Post: I stand by the police and the family of police who take an oath to serve and protect in all situations…. Currently going through and unfollowing those who do not support our police…. I was raised to respect authority and these officers do NOT deserve the disrespect they have been receiving. Any death is tragic and a loss but we MUST respect those who put on a uniform everyday to protect us!

While I am not blind and of course see the specific and horrific events taking place. I choose NOT to weigh in on those since I don’t have enough of an opinion and do not want to offend those who feel strongly.

MY FEELINGS DO NOT MEAN I AM ANTI-BLACK LIVES OR PRO-POLICE BRUTALITY. My statements do not imply that I am ignorant to what is happening, I am simply stating that the Police, FireFighters, EMT’s, Military all put on a uniform everyday which makes them vulnerable and yet they do so to protect our towns, cities and country. They do so, leaving their wives, husbands, children and extended families to protect and serve others…. They should be held in the same high regard as all lives do…

Why does it have to be such a divide when we’re all fighting for the same thing. An end to senseless death and an end to hate, violence and negativity. Why can’t I state that I stand with the police, and have that just be a fact… Why does my statement have to get turned into something that it isn’t and start a war…?

Growing up, my sisters and I weren’t all that nice to each other… And at times were ruthlessly mean. Whether or not it was my fault, my parents always told me that I had to be the example. I had to be nicer to them and they would be nicer to me. While we’re still working on our relationships, it is amazing that on occasions where I am nice to them and show them respect, they show it right back to me 🙂

With respect given, respect is returned.  It goes a long way….  IN ALL SITUATIONS…Respect the Police and they will Respect you back… That isn’t an issue of race, that is an issue of humanity.

I am Pro-Humanity, Pro-Love, Pro-Kindness, Pro-Black Lives, Pro-White Lives, Pro-Police lives, Pro-Animal Lives, PRO-LIFE.

Today I was Kind.


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