There’s a Charmander in my Coffee!



I F$&@!NG HATE PEOPLE…. (sorry mom, but I had to drop the F bomb)

I know, opinions are like assholes and everyone has them, but we keep our assholes hidden with underwear and pants… Why can’t people do the same  with their opinions. Keep them to yourself, or put them on your blog, but don’t r
ain on my specific parade! K THANKS BYE

Last week had a very sad, tragic and controversial ending to it. Our nation is very much divided about something that comes down to LOVE & RESPECT… With that love and respect, there problem wouldn’t be so much controversy…

It makes me sick.

Monday, the world caught FIRE with Pokemon Go. An app based game that using GPS and Geo-targeting drops Pokemon around your city for you to go out and catch…. You know, like the late 90’s game where people played it on a Nintendo
and traded cards?

This game is getting people OUT OF THE HOUSE. Its getting KIDS outside, instead of playing PS4 or Xbox inside. Its getting people INTERACTING with one another when they end up at the same location or at a trainers gym. I REPEAT – Its getting people MOVING and WALKING outside!!!!!!

Yes, there are downsides, and yes the NSA, CIA, FBI,  all know what were doing, where we’re going and who we’re talking to… WHO F*%#ING CARES, its going to happen anyway in today’s society…. just don’t worry about it, it can’t be stopped! Why worry about what you can’t control….

Yes, people are ABUSING the game and causing accidents and kids are being stupid and not telling mom and dad they’re going out late at night, BUT that is going to happen with ANYTHING…

You know what this game did? It got people to stop talking about politics, race, gender, and equality. It got people talking about something FUN and pokeeven allowing people to HAVE FUN…

Who doesn’t want to act like a kid and catch pikachu?!?

So why the actual fuck do there need to be DEBBIE DOWNERS about a FREAKING GAME???? LET EM LIVE for Christ sake! Let people have fun! Whether they’re 12 or 50 let people have fun, for one freaking time.

It drives me nuts how people have to be so negative and against a game… You know what, its just like Candy Crush or Farmville or any other addicting game… but those require you to sit in front of a computer or have your head down on your phone. This game is allowing people to bring their heads up, go out side and interact with others…. SO WHATS THE FUCKING PROBLEM????

I’ve seen statuses of friends saying “If you’ve downloaded Pokemon go, unfriend me”… OK, sure, will do… Because you clearly have no joy in your life if you’re so AGAINST people doing something fun and so judgmental that you can’t even stand to see them write about it. You know what? Better we’re not friends on social anymore because I find the fact that you go out and get wasted every night and act like a idiot is incredibly offensive.

Aside from the moron that caused the 50 car pile up in CA, because he had to catch Pikachu…. Dumbass, get a co-pilot! This game is HURTING NO-ONE and in my eyes has done nothing but good since our country is now focusing on something fun verses all the shit going on…

We know big brother is watching

We know criminals will figure out a way to make this game unsafe

We know its putting our information out there thru our google accounts. But our information is out there anyway…

So let sleeping dogs lie and HAVE FREAKING FUN!


5 thoughts on “There’s a Charmander in my Coffee!

  1. Well said Aly
    The game may not be for me (maybe if I had a few less fucking kids and therefore way less cooking and fucking laundry) but hey, people love it so go for it.
    Having said that I’m still shocked at the number of adults that want to play it. Or maybe I’m just jealous that they have found time to!
    Love ya girl

  2. Considering that I taught you the F bomb, I’m glad to see that you know how to use it in a sentence.

    I’ll live vicariously through you and your dad. Who bravely makes sure there are no Pokemon in the bedroom before we go to bed.

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