Brownielocks and the 3 Bears…

Ok… Whose ready for the underwear party???

I spent the last 3 days on a weekend getaway with my boyfriend and in-laws on a boat in Provincetown… During the end of bear week.

Fabulous Outfit from Express ON SALE!!! Never worn a crop top before and felt so thin!!!!!

My sparkle cup was everything this weekend! ūüíĖ thanks Aunt Nan!

If you don’t know what bear week is or know about P-Town – here’s a link…¬†

Provincetown, MA is at the very tip of cape cod, and honestly you forget you’re even on the cape and actually feel like you’ve entered a different country / universe, because it’s completely different from anywhere else on the cape! First of all, you have to travel pretty far to get there… Car to Boat to P-Town… or you can drive 3 hours around the entire cape… No Thanks.

P-Town is an enigma – you have the majority of the vacationers and residents that are gay (and fabulously so) as it is a gay town, but then you also have families with children of all ages, straight couples, bachelorette party groups and elderly.

The majority population is Gay and Proud and several places inform visitors that they have to accept it or are asked to leave establishments and I think that’s freaking fabulous! This place is unlike any other you’ve been to and I highly recommend a trip there, if possible… Just to experience it once!

I was curious as to how P-Town became the Gay Town… Here is a short explanation.

This mix is heightened during bear week as it is a week long party for Big Ole Bears!

On Saturday, while at the hotel pool there were big, hairy chested men (and LOTS of them), some awesome guys I met referred to it as “Bear Soup” — then you have their partners, lesbian couples, straight couples, families and tons of kids all splashing around. It was awesome and a true sign of how everyone can get along in harmony…. Why can’t the rest of the world be like that????

In P-Town there are no rules, clothing is optional / discouraged and the booze never stops flowing… As well as the abundance of lobster!

The highlight of the trip was last night when I got invited to an Underwear Party by some fabulous guys I met at dinner. I had to move my seat to let some others out and ended up meeting these guys! We chatted for a while and one guys, “well honey, I’ll always remember you by you’re adorable little birthmark!” I go what birth mark??? He goes “the one by your mouth, very Marilyn!” I go to brush my face, knowing I do not have a birth mark and realize I have some crust from the entire pizza I devoured minutes before! I go “oh well, thank you for pointing out the food on my face!” We all had a big laugh. That’s when they said I was awesome and invited me to the underwear party later that night….. ¬†I didn’t go, but was flattered to have been invited!¬†Didn’t think I could handle a underwear party in P-Town… Even if I brought my man friend with me, we would probably not make it out alive….

Aside from the absolutely incredible people watching….¬†At the pool there was a big bear with a chain link and lock around his neck! and so. many. speedos. on very¬†big bears…. there are some things you just can’t unsee…

We were treated to¬†incredible ocean views, gorgeous sunsests and ultimate relaxation… Time stops, naps are encouraged (I may have napped twice yesterday), it doesn’t matter how your hair looks or if you’ve put on make up and the hotel shuttles on its own accord – because hey, it’s island time…

We enjoyed fabulous food, WAY too much alcohol, tons of sun and of course SEALS!!! — Seriously, I am like 20% tequila, 20% sangria, 25% frozen drinks, 25% pizza and 10% veggies!

All and All it was a wonderful weekend and after a long boat trip then car ride back I am VERY happy to be home, and to have¬†taken a nice cold shower, eaten some pizza, brushed the cat and cleaned my house.¬†Now its back to reality… and about a gazillion emails to sift through…



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