Where my elves at!

Life has been CHAOTIC lately – which hasn’t left much time to blog, let alone sleep or relax… 🙁 At this current point in time,  I feel like I am on life’s express non-stop train…

Being on such a busy train has left me stressed, overwhelmed and working HARD to stick to my moderate paleo lifestyle…. Which isn’t really working out all to much at the moment. I am finding new respect for those who work out of the house, meal plan, pre-cut, wash, cook, etc… Because I. JUST. CAN’T. DO. IT. ALL. I cook when I can, have himself stock the food with only healthy clean options and I am giving it all I got to balance.

I am doing the best I can at the moment, especially as a stress eater, to eat SUPER clean and well all day, including dinner (if i am not at the restaurant…)… While I do my absolute BEST at the restaurant, sometimes the craving for anything / everything FRIED takes over my will power is gone…

One thing I have realized is that I am NOT by any means drinking enough water… I chalk it up to the busyness of life lately… But I have been so frustrated because I am bloated, have a headache and my skin is breaking out…. Realized this morning, it is probably from lack of water intake during a heat wave…..

*Pause to Chug*

Another recent addition to my daily routine is going to the gym. Which doesn’t make up for the poor food choices, but is better than NOT going to the gym and making poor food choices…. Did I mention I could rationalize anything???

Sample of my recent weeks:

Away Friday – Sunday, Change clothes, go to Night Job

Wake up Monday start the week, all ready stressed

Monday: Gym, Dishes, Day Job, Dishes, Straighten up the house, Night Job

Tuesday: Gym, Dishes, Day Job, Laundry, Cook Dinner for the rest of the week

Wednesday: Gym, Dishes, Day Job, Dishes, Think about folding tuesdays laundry, Night Job

Thursday: Gym, Day Job, MAYBE Fold Tuesdays Laundry, Night Job (Sometimes… If no night job, FOLD LAUNDRY

Friday – Travel Day – SPEED CLEAN HOUSE – Family, Weekend Trip, Etc… (BTW… Family visits are NOT a vacation, since I have so much going on, when I do go down, which is probably once every 6 weeks, its for something or an event… NO REST FOR THE WICKED…

Race back Sunday, drop off dirty clothes (which the elves are on strike, so they don’t make it into the hamper or get done…

Now, thankfully this isn’t every week, but it has become a semblance of the norm and while its wonderful that I work from home and don’t have to worry about packing a lunch or ironing clothes, none of the previously mentioned house work EVER gets done… Because I am thankfully INSANELY busy with my day job….

4584039Today I did take a minute to make this hysterical meme, because sometimes you have a funny thought and need to turn it into a meme! #Life

I really wish the elves (who magically get all your housework done) would come back from their vacation, or that I could train the cats to fold the laundry… because in the little free time I have, laundry and house work are the last things I want to do.

Thank Freaking God for Tequila <3

I know life is ONLY going to get busier, and more chaotic, and for some this is NOTHING… But for me, this is pretty nuts and only keeps getting busier. Despite needing to work this weekend, I am giving myself any free time I have OFF from civilization… I plan on sleeping, cuddling with kittens (I BECOME A CAT MOM x 2 on FRIDAY!!!!!), and not getting dressed for as long as physically possible.

Words to Live By – CLOTHES = COMMITMENT!

BRB while I put my head down and power through the next 2.5 days



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