Its a Mad Mad Mad World

Friday was a GREAT Day! I brought home the newest addition to our little family Dash!

What an absolute sweetie boy he is! Dash is a 3 legged cat who is full of life, energy and cuteness! While in utero, the umbilical cord wrapped around Dash’s back leg, causing the circulation to cut off and the need for amputation! But NOTHING stops this little dude.

Dash came from the same breeder that I got Piper from; a wonderful woman in Maine, who has so much love for this breed / all animals, you feel honored to be able to take one of her kittens home!

This breed of Cat – Siberian Forest is Hypoallergenic… Now they’re hypoallergenic to anyone with a MODERATE allergy. Hypoallergenic DOES NOT mean NON-ALLERGY!!! If you have a severe allergy like my father, then well, you will have a severe reaction!

If you have cats, you know that bringing a kitten into a resident cat home can be a process…. To say the least!

Having read all the online sites, talked to multiple friends with cats, talked to my aunts who have cats and the breeder, I felt I was totally ready! Piper (resident cat and reigning princess) has such an easy going demeanor that I felt she was going to love the kitten immediately and they would be the best of friends!

I don’t think a person could have been more wrong, or naive than I was in the situation.

Here is how it all went down.

Normally when I come into the house, Piper RUNS full speed from wherever she  is to greet me. Yesterday was no different. However as she rounded the corner towards the kitchen, she caught the scent that I was not alone. She stopped dead in her tracks, immediately crouched and proceeded to walk with extreme caution to the carrier that held the kitten. 20160729_213336062_iOS
The noise that came out of her was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Growing up with dogs, I had never heard a cat hiss or growl before…. Honestly I thought she was choking. Upon realizing what was happening I immediately got down on her level, pet her, held her and told her she was a good girl…

I then took the kitten out… She hissed even louder and ran away.

Completely freaked out and trying to remain calm, all my worst case fears running through my head. She hates me… I’ve ruined her life… Our once happy and adorable cat is now going to be miserable and timid…  She is going to start peeing everywhere… She is going to attack and hate the kitten…

I immediately grabbed the extra litter box and put the kitten in my office (which is air-conditioned). What did I do next you ask? Well I called my Aunt N & then my mom of course, pretty much how i handle every obstacle in life. One thing I DIDN’T do, which I normally would have, was externally freak out. I knew no good would come if i extrenally freaked out or scolded Piper, etc… I just removed the kitten from the sitation to get him secure so I could tend to Piper (who wanted NOTHING to do with me)… But a YEAR ago, I would not have been so calm, and would have made the sitation worse. #Progress

They both assured me that this was totally normal, no piper would not hate me forever and yes it takes time for them to adjust.

I then emailed the breeder who said growling and hissing are perfectly normal and to be expected because Piper has to assert her dominance over the kitten. OKAY PHEW.

20160730_014652385_iOSThen my incredible next door neighbor, who also shares my name & cats name… came over to meet the kitten, but has also had cats growing up and knew what to expect! She hung out with us, for a while, and eventually Piper came into the room… Hissing whenever Dash looked or got too near, but never looking distressed just supremely pissed!

A: I could have told you this would happen…


A: Well, I didn’t want to scare you or stress you out! But I could have told you Piper would hate you for a little

Aly: Gee, Thanks 🙂

While my wealth of knowledge told me to isolate, my gut and manfriend said we should let them be free to sort it out themselves.And that is exactly what they did! For once I trusted my gut and let things unfold! 

Dash is a cuddle bug and slept with us (he slept, we didn’t, new baby in the bed) and Piper who usually goes upstairs kept watchful eye… From the dresser, to make sure he didn’t pull any funny business!

The cats and I got up at 5… yes FIVE am, (again, new kitten in the bed). While there was still hissing and growling, there was also some chasing and smacking going on..all with tails wagging which I took as a very good sign. 20160729_201135991_iOS

As the day progressed, there was 100% some playing and Piper continues to let her guard down little by little, even to the point that she let Dash come within reaching distance and smelled him, without hissing. She is very timid when she is unsure and is currently VERY unsure of life right now. Dash on the other hand is confident (but submissive), and VERY playful / friendly! He just wants to love on her so bad, and it will be ridiculously cute once it happens!

For the interim, there will probably be more  uncertainty, smacking and hissing…. But I don’t like to talk about Alex’s and my relationship 😀 HAHAHA

We’re giving them their space to work out their dynamic… Unless absolutely necessary we will not interfere and will let the animals be animals! I look forward to several weeks of chaos!



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