Welcome BACK to Bread

OK. Full Disclosure…. I LOVE Bread…I love bread plain, with oil & cheese, butter, in loaf, slice and bun.

Now that I’ve down the Whole 30 and am trying very hard to live clean and health…. I had kielbasa with regular pasta in a spicy cheesy sauce for dinner (oops)…. I am seeking alternatives and baking paleo to fulfill my cravings.

Through Instagram, one of the whole 30 gals I follow posted about this BREAD that was “Whole 30” compliant (SWYPO), Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Paleo….. And it tasted good…. Um? OK? Come again?

I was so intrigued, I messaged her to find out more. She told me, that YES it was delicious and 100% clean… Best part, its made from almond and cashew flour so it has 9g of protein!

Naturally I had to try it…

I placed my order and it was delivered a week later. and HOLY COW it was delicious! Fox Hill Kitchens is doing EVERYTHING right! While the bread does have a slightly different texture when you’re chewing, the over all look, taste, and feel is just like regular bread. The best part is, that it tastes good!


So far I’ve enjoyed the bagels and bunz. Especially this morning when I put my FAVORITE Almond butter on the bagel and had some fresh strawberries!


If you’re looking for a low carb or gluten free YUMMY bread option, This is the one! I am VERY particular when it comes to bread and this is pretty good for lacking all chemicals and processing that make regular bread so wonderful!




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