Call me Curly Sue.

Warning: You are entering a rant about my hair… 

20160606_105139000_iOSOh HAY 16 year old Aly!

I have REALLY Curly hair. But not the pretty curls… I have frizzy, poofy, thick curls…(Sorry Mom) Now everyone says they’re SO Pretty, or “I am so lucky to have so much volume”… But NO! There is such a thing as too much VOLUME!

To each their own, the grass is always greener and dammit, I wish I had straight hair!

About 8 months ago, after going from Blonde to Red to Brown to Red to Blonde, I decided it was necessary to CUT off all my hair to let it be “healthy”…


(and I rarely say that)

Short Hair 2

WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I mean its cute, but I am sort of a messy bun girl and this short hair requires 85 bobby pins to be able to do a “bun”…

If you ask my sisters, my hair is one of their biggest pet peeves about me. They hate how I style it, color it, generally wear it…

But then again, sometimes they just hate me…

After 8 months of short hair, I am COMPLETELY over it and want my long hair back!

20151120_223344000_iOSLook how GORGEOUS my long hair was! God I miss it! Seriously… FRIENDS, FAMILY, STRANGERS ON THE STREET…. DO NOT LET ME EVER CUT MY HAIR SHORT EVER AGAIN! 

In a torrid attempt to make it grow faster, I decided to take Biotin, and to take a break from straightening my hair and wear it curly, natural or “Blow it” straight… Basically minimizing the heat and damage to speed up the growing process…

But let me get something out there… I’ve been straightening my hair since I was 12 and my mom (the real MVP) would do it for me!

So that’s FIFTEEN YEARS of doing something daily or every other day. Its hard to break a habit, but I vowed to give it my all.

So I invested in a sample kit of Deva Curls – I also got a diffuser, which I am still getting the hang of! So I gave it all a try! I used the No-Poo Cleanser, One-Conditioner and Light-Weight Gel… And I got THIS… 20160729_150800000_iOS

Now… Some may say it looks good, but I have to disagree… My cut is not right for a curly do… I can’t get the gel to not make my hair look greasy… I feel frizzy and poofy and unkempt.

And MAYBE a little too wild.

So NOW what?? Glad for once I didn’t invest in the EXTRA LARGE bottles like I normally do…

I can’t straighten my hair all the time because A. its summer (and humid) and B. I want my hair to grow…

I CANNOT wear it like this… I feel like a hot mess…

So I shall try now to learn to “blow” my hair straight and rock a bobby pinned bun, for the immediate future…

Can you OVER DOSE on Biotin???

You always want what you can’t have and right now I REALLY want long hair…

However, if you are capable of styling your own hair, the Deva Curl products really are great, natural and good for your hair… My mom swears by them, but then again she has a curly cut and is not totally inept when it comes to her hair (like I am :()

And that folks is my rant for the day… Thanks for reading!



God, I just Miss it So much!


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