Cats, Catattacks and Cataracts 

I’m 27 and I am living with daily Catattacks and Cataracts. 

So, I haven’t written in a while, and for that I am truly sorry. I have no excuse, except that my daytime job has gotten beyond busy, I have a part time job, a boyfriend who likes a clean house with clean clothes, tacos to eat and tequila to drink… And  I have TWO cats now, which might as well be 10 cats….when they’re as needy as mine are.

There. Are. So. Many. Cats. – yes I’ve already locked the little one in a closet (4th time in 2 years) oops! 

Here’s a quick update on life… I have Cataracts that might / probably require surgery and my cats keep attacking each other. 

That’s pretty much my life in a nutshell. 

My sweet, purring little guy (who is on me as I write this) is beyond purrfect, as is his big sister… They truly do love each other but also love to attack each other…. 

So I know you’re wondering how someone so young (and beautiful and modest) could have something so terrible as cataracts, since cataracts are for old people right? Wrong

Congenital Cataracts are apparently something you’re born with, and typically don’t bother you till you’re older…  

However after a lovely visit to the optometrist, who had to dialate my eyes (on the BRIGHTEST DAY EVER), I was informed that at the ripe old age of 27, my vision (and squint lines – seriously the crows feet and angry lines are ridonkulous) have gotten bad enough that my left eye prescription has changed drastically. So Guess who has a one way ticket to the ophthalmologists office… This girl. 

Which explains the right eye straining pain, head ache and migraine… Cool. 

Oh yeah, I had my first migraine recently too… That was cool… NOT… I thought I was going to die. 

Apparently when you’re stressed, tired, drink too much coffee AND are straining you’re eyes you can get migraines! For real though, my brain felt broken. 

Want to know how they fix cataracts???? 

They give you a Valium, say GOOD LUCK and perform EYE SURGERY on you while you’re WIDE AWAKE! Um….  Yea… I’m going to need more Valium before they cut my eye ball open! 

Thanks to my lovely sister G, who also had Catattacks (I mean cataracts) and had surgery, said there is a way to get your eye not to move… But they have to put a needle INTO YOUR EYE to do so. 

So this will be fun. Stay tuned, life is just getting interesting. 


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