Cold AF in the SF

Update, if venture up a very steep hill and you end up in the very pretty, trolley’d, picturesque area of SF. 

I have been very fortunate to have visited several major cities throughout the US and have the great fortune of living right next to the greatest city on earth…. BOSTON. (Don’t fight me on this, you’ll lose)…

San Francisco from the Bay – Cloudy and Foggy AF
Los Angeles, San Diego (favorite EVER), Chicago, Washington (DC), Miami, NYC, Philadelphia, Dallas and Austin… to name a few.

I have to say, of all the cities I’ve visited San Francisco, might be my least favorite. San Francisco, being on the bay, is ABSOLUTELY FREEZING. like what the hell? Its like I left Boston in summer, crossed the country and ended up in late fall.

Yesterday 9/1/16, I boarded a plane that I thought was headed to San Francisco… However I think I actually ended up in a different country. What I thought from watching years of full house and San Fran based movies, is entirely based on fabrication, as is now my entire childhood.

  • The painted ladies need a face lift and a coat of paint…
Painted Ladies – Famous row of houses in SF, known for their beauty…. 
  • The painted ladies are NOT the front house used in Full house… That house is actually down the street, or near the marina (we’re still not entirely sure).
We took a $15 & 25 minute cab ride across the city to see the Full House “House”…. These are not it… 
  • Most shops are really run down and the homeless population has to rival any other city I’ve been to.
  • On more than ONE occasion, I feared if we got out of the Uber we would be mugged or stabbed… or both…
  • My Connecticut raised self and girlfriends stuck out in this city like sore thumbs…
  • I have yet to see a cedar wood and gold trolley going up and down the hills (but have seen many energy efficient buses)
  • It truly is ABSOLUTELY Freezing here… Thankful I packed semi appropriately… For once… I must be growing up!

**We have yet to go to Lombardo St (Crooked St) or the Golden Gate Bridge… But we’re heading there this AM!

Now for the positives

  • A is the greatest planned of all time and planned everything for us, so we didn’t have to think at all… She is now officially my favorite person to travel with! Without her guidance we never would have ventured to Sausolito, which was absolutely amazing!
  • Sausolito is heaven on earth and felt like a little trip to paradise… The fog and clouds ever cleared as we pulled up…
Sausolito, CA from the Ferry — IT IS NOT an ISLAND… Despite the fact that I really want it to be.
  • Alcatraz is insanely cool (from afar) and has so much incredible history behind it.

Fun Fact from our Tour Guide AJS: If you worked at the prison, you lived on the island (including your family)… they had a school and everything for the children of guards / staff.

  • The food is ridiculously good (all SUPER fresh and organic, our cheese burgers were made from the freshest most organic meat ever!)


  • We are on our way to WINE Country within the next few hours
  • I am on a trip with my oldest and bestest gal pals and we’re having the absolute best time… There is something about being with old friends that is so special and comforting…

R & A have been my ride or die ladies since kindergarten when we all first met. All throughout our elementary, middle, high school and college years our friendship never wavered and only got stronger. Through it all we’ve shared every major moment in life together… including our summer birthdays (all a month apart)…

We’ve been separated by states and an entire country, but through it all we’ve remained thick as thieves… Seriously our group chat is ridiculous!

As of the last 6 years, we’ve tried to take a trip together every year whether its going to Vegas for our 21 birthdays or visiting A’s family beach house we’ve found the time in our chaotic lives to get together for an extended weekend of girl talk, laughter and too many glasses of wine! I don’t know who I’d be without these fun loving girls in my life!

20 + years of friendship right here…<3

Stay tuned as we venture into Wine Country aka the promise land….

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