Look at those legs!

There must be something in the California sunshine… It makes wine and can completely recharge your batteries.


After our 24 hour trip to San Francisco, we crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge and were on our way into paradise!

Obligatory “I AM HERE” picture!
Best Friends do San Fran. 

First of all the Golden Gate bridge is absolutely breathtaking. Like, WOW.

Such a magical and majestic view, we were so grateful for the sunny clear day we were granted for our trip out to Sonoma!

20160903_160547000_iOSI am grateful for my life! I have a wonderful boyfriend, adorable fur babies, family & friends,  a fantastic job and a very fun part time job. But I give so much of myself ALL the time and put all my energy into everything and everyone around me, occasionally I get completely burnt out and begin to short circuit. Mid August, I started to feel my circuits beginning to go. Knowing I was going on vacation, I powered through and then on Wednesday of last week, I completely shut down.


BOY did I need a vacation! I didn’t know how bad I needed it, till we got to Sonoma, went to the pool, and laid in the sun. I took a deep breathe, ordered a margarita and gave into the utter relaxation.

I mean, Look at that view… How can you not relax?

We relaxed in the sunshine then headed towards Domaine Carneros. What a absolutely breathtaking winery and best of all… its known for its SPARKLING WINE!


BRB, Enjoying the View
Just hanging at our new residence… Its a Chateau… No Big Deal!

Saturday was full of WINE… We took a fun Trolley Tour, through Sonoma Valley, and tasted some great wine as well as got a wonderful lesson on wine making!

Lesson 1: Wine, when spun in the glass, will leave “legs” which tells you the alcohol content in the wine… That is about all we got from our wine lessons… We were too busy drinking it. Every wine from there on out, had AWESOME legs!

My favorite was by far our 3rd stop… Chateau St. Jean – It was something out of a fairy-tale! Literally, I think Snow White lived there. By this time, we were all feeling pretty good.


Saturday afternoon, we lounged by the pool, with more wine obviously and hungout with a couple on the 20th Anniversary…. they were totally goals AF… Fun, Funny, got hammered with us and then invited us out to dinner! Dinner was full of incredible food, laughter and shenanigans.


Sunday, once again, we laid by the pool… Did I mention I burnt my stomach on Friday??? Well I don’t know if the California sun is stronger (probably not, its northern cal) or if I just have been too busy to tan… but my stomach may or may not be purple at the exact moment.

Final Night in San Fran. In our Sunday Best!

And now, as I write this sitting on the plane heading home, I couldn’t be more grateful to have gone of vacation with my 2 oldest friends, visited a gorgeous portion of our country and the opportunity to take time off work to recharge. I am returning home a nicer, sharper, person who is full recharged and ready for the final quarter!


Obviously had to stop at In-N-Out before we left… I may or may not have been the only one that at it at 10:50 in the morning!

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  1. Great article! I couldn’t pass it up – your picture and title pulled me in. I moved to Napa Valley two years ago and the concept of wine with “legs” was new to me for sure. Your pictures of the vineyards were awesome and I loved reading about your visits. Next time you come up you should check out some new places. See our blog at: http://www.topochinesvino.com, and follow us if you like what you see.

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