No Pants, No Problem

No Pants Day!!! I know it sounds sexual, but it isn’t even close.

Years ago, when my life got super hectic, I began to associated pants with commitment, responsibilities, work and my go-go-go life. Once in a while, when my life has been too hectic, I take a day off from responsibilities and refuse to put pants on!

alyNo pants days are days I clean my house, cuddle my cats, nap at 2 and stay home all day! I don’t go out in public, I don’t see friends, I just stay in.


This summer has been a interesting one to say the least. While its brought many wonderful things, new friendships and great successes… it has also brought significant stress, heartache, headache and testing of will.

I am grateful to be on the other side of it, and not only come out stronger but with a clear determination of what I want, who I want to be surrounded by and how I will get there. The most clarifying moment came on the Golden Gate Bridge, driving back from Sonoma Valley, CA with my 2 best friends. While talking about work, what we had to return home to, and life in general it hit me… I am doing OK with the whole adulting thing. Despite the fact that half the time I feel like I don’t know what the hell I am doing, I think I am doing alright.

I balance 2 jobs with some semblance of ease. I have been in a great relationship for 6 years, great friends a wonderful family, I pay my bills on time, I care for my 2 cats (and only sometimes lock them in the closet), I keep up with laundry, my house is clean and the dishes are usually done on time… That’s all there is right? That’s being an adult? Ok… I think I got this!

This summer has been one of significant growth and clarity, but also had me consistently on the go. Between working 2 jobs, balancing family, friends, in-laws and boyfriend, I hardly had time to breathe let along relax. (Hence the No Pants Day)

So today, despite the 85 degree SeptemBER weather, I will relax, clean if I want to, organize if I want to, nap if I want to…. And simply shut down for the day!

This adulting thing? I think i got this under control.


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