When you’re Basic AF…

Note: All Pictures are from Fall, 2015

Fall, You are my spirit animal!

Ever see that Staples commercial from 1996 for school supplies? If you haven’t check it out… My father did that dance EVERY freaking year at the bus stop till freshmen year…. of COLLEGE…

As an adult, I have to say, I get it… It truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year… As I took my first brisk morning walk to the gym the other day, that song may or may not (it totally was) been playing in my mind.


Here are my FAVORITE things about fall… In no particular order:

  • The kids are back in school (I don’t have them, but I enjoy seeing my child rearing friends more often)
  • The weather is PERFECT20160914_235916000_ios
  • Football is back which means all is right in the world (and that there is more money in my wallet)
  • Traffic is lighter
  • Business hours are back to normal
  • PUMPKIN IS IN SEASON… pumpkin beer / everything pumpkin is in season. (I know, I’m a Basic Bitch)
  • Under Boob Sweat / Sweating in general decreases – Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! Lets be honest here!
  • You can wear boots with EVERYTHING!
  • All clothing is Over-Sized and Leggings are god!
  • Getting ready to go out for the day consists of putting on a cute long sleeve shirt, leggings or jeans & boots… You no longer have to feel like a marshmallow being stuffed into a pinhole. (as I do in ALL summer clothes)fall-3
  • You can be Basic AF (cue the foliage pictures with the sbux cup in focus)
  • New England Fall Foliage – Enough said…
  • Fall Colors – The dark colors match my soul.
  • UGG BOOTS… That fad from 2004 that never died… They’re just so comfortable!
  • Cute Couple Dates that consist of : Apple Picking, Hard Apple Cider (with Fireball of course) and Cider Donuts


20160914_235923000_iosIf you’ve never been to New England during the fall, you’re truly missing out. The foliage is on POINT… NE Falls are probably the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. Which makes driving, for me, even more hazardous because I can’t help but look at all the trees as I drive. ITS. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL!

As a Basic Bitch, Naturally fall my spirit animal.

So go get a sugar rimmed pumpkin beer, eat your cider donuts, dress in your cutest fall outfits and break out those adorable boots because FALL IS FREAKING HERE!


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