You’re Not Fat! You’re Just Fluffy!

Progress is as Progress Does… Or something like that….

As the original purpose behind the creation of this blog, I am on a path towards consistency when making healthy choices; as it applies to both my nutrition and fitness.

Starting this journey in April of 2016, roughly 6 months ago, I began with the Whole 30. This was an eye-opening experience and taught me a several things about myself.

  1. I DO NOT need to Drink every night (I just like to)
  2. I CAN survive without Dairy, Carbs, Sugar, Gluten, Soy, ETC…
  3. I LOVE Almond Milk and Nut based flours and breads… Not only are they delicious (and you can’t tell a true difference) but they don’t make you feel bloated or gross.
  4. I DO NOT need Wine… I enjoy it, but I enjoy my face not being bloated MUCH more!
  5. I can do ANYTHING for 20 days (because I didn’t make it a full 30… The weather got nice)
  6. I CAN live Paleo – It just isn’t conducive for my NON-COOKING lifestyle… I have a tendency to burn down the house…
  7. I Do NOT enjoy being limited and restricted on my foods.
  8. I MUST Eat breakfast EVERY DAY to not get Hangry…
  9. Almond Milk tastes better with coffee than regular milk.
  10. (Just to round out an even 10) I am Strong, I am Determined and Food DOES NOT Control me.
When you’re just too tired to care and all inhibitions go out the window… #Fluffy

Ok… So now here is how the summer went…

  1. I enjoyed the fuck out of my summer! I worked my ass off… BOTH JOBS…
  2. I ate a TON of food
  3. I lived 60/40 Clean and Unclean…
  4. I drank A LOT of Tequila…. It was awesome!
  5. I ATE a lot of TACOS – because Tacos are life and if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right….
  6. I hung with friends, family and man-friend
  7. Celebrated Summer, Love and Happiness
  8. I Drank MORE Tequila
  9. I made NEW Friends
  10. I truly loved life!

But it sure took its toll on my weight… towards the end of summer, I was EXTREMELY close to where I was when i started this whole ordeal… NOT OK!

Knowing that living Paleo isn’t really the key to success, given the fact that I don’t (not allowed) cook and the confines of a budget…And continuously doing rounds of “Whole 30” isn’t really me, since I need a lifestyle, not a 30 day reset. I made a decision that to date has stuck for 3 weeks (longer than any other plan)… I am simply cutting out fried foods… Its easy, effective and can be done without much thought.

The other major decision I made was to quit the Gym (after going consistently for 2 months) and join Synergy! Synergy has completely changed my life and how I look at working out!

Synergy is small group training sessions (no more than 5 people per group) with a personal trainer. During the hour workout, you do 3 – 9 minute segments of cardio and 3 – 9 minute segments of strength and weight training. ITS FUCKING HARD! Going 3 times (on average) each week, for 3 weeks, I began to see results…

When taking my stats with the owner after 3 weeks of sessions we had the following conversation!

A: So I’m down 4 lbs, 3% in Body Fat, and 1% BMI…

BB: That’s FANTASTIC! results

A: That seems pretty quick to see those kind of results!

BB: Yes, those are amazing! Did you change anything else?

A: No, I cut out fried foods, but that’s about it…

BB: Well, it’s clearly working… Stick with it!

A: Can you measure my waist? I put on a pair of jeans that didn’t fit this past winter and they fit comfortably!

BB: Aly, I am getting 36″ are you sure I am at your belly button?

A: Yes…

BB: Well, you’re down THREE INCHES in your waist! I don’t know how that happened so quick, but that is amazing!

A *Internally Jumps For Joy*


I find working out at Synergy challenging, fun, rewarding, difficult and motivational! The workouts are challenging and sometimes I send death glares towards the trainer, but thankfully there are always modifications, for when I feel like I am going to die. The trainers are friendly, fun and engaging… never do you feel pressured or put down if you can’t complete the set! They encourage you and push you so you can achieve your goals! The best part is you are consistently doing something new, so the hour goes by quickly and by the end you feel tired, sore, happy and energized all that the same time. It’s quickly becoming my favorite way to start the day…

Side Note: Monday, I DID NOT feel well! I had worked over the weekend 20 out of the 48 hours, then worked all day Monday. I was tired, burnt out, feeling sick and utterly exhausted… But if you’re going to cancel you need to do so at the latest, 3 hours before your session… And of course I didn’t… So I had to make the decision… Lose the session and continue to feel terrible, or go workout, feel terrible, but have accomplished something.

  • I went… My heart wasn’t in it… I didn’t smile throughout the session like I normally do… But I DID IT… I struggled (it also was a really hard workout), but I finished and was able to say at LEAST I GOT THERE!

I am sleeping better than I have in years, because I am so tired by the end of the day!

20160920_185918000_iosThe biggest plus of all…? Aside from the numeric results… I am seeing Non-Scale Victories as well. Like the fact that I am getting less winded doing every day activities… Like carrying the laundry up the stairs… I feel significantly stronger and while I still get tired, I am powering through my workouts. Oh and the little fact that MY CLOTHING IS FITTING BETTER!!!!!!

Today, I tried on a Large in Jeggings based on the size chart. Today I am returning those jeggings in exchange of a MEDIUM because the Large was just TOO BAGGY…. What a problem to have!

In addition to all the health benefits I am seeing, I want to eat healthier too, because I just FEEL GOOD!

Today I made a BIG salad for the week: Romaine Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

Then Cooked chicken breast to go on the salad for lunch this week…

Of Course I had help in the kitchen.. and by help I mean supervisors…

I will NEVER be alone ever again, with these little furballs. 

So there you have it… I have found something (for now) that works for me, that I can keep up with and is TRULY helping me achieve my goals and see results. The trainers and owner at Synergy hold me accountable and the tracking helps me stay on the path…

Go out and find what works for you…


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