While You Were Sleeping…

I am so grateful for the wonderful man in my life and to have met him the natural, organic way of the workplace. He is truly a saint-like human, by putting up with my crazy ass self on a daily basis. I am grateful for our trusting, compassionate relationship that has grown into a incredible partnership in so many ways.


But, having been in relationship since I was 21, I “missed” having to use the dating apps, experiencing tinder nightmares, bumble exchanges (and making the first move) and the craziness that comes along with it.

In the last 6 years, dating has changed and done a complete 180. It’s gone from in person meeting or dating sites like Match.com or EHarmony to Tinder, Bumble and Sudy or Sugar (a dating app exclusively for girls to find “Sugar Daddy’s”).

All these adventures take place while I sleep and are thoroughly discussed and enjoyed in the morning when I wake up!

Seriously, its like my morning routine… Get up, Feed Cats, Pour Coffee, Read texts from last night (except its not a website, its my friends and its real life).

Having not experienced it for myself, I rely on my single girlfriends to share their adventures in the dating world with me, so that I can share in the fun, without leaving the warmth of my bed, cuddles of my handsome man friend and cute kittens!

From time to time, with permission of course, I may incorporate their outrageous and amazing stories… Stay Tuned!


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