I’m coming to you LIVE from the Jurors Pool room, in the basement of the Framingham District Court. 

*Cough, Cough, sniffle, sniffle, HACK* – sounds that surround me… is it rude to douse myself right here in purrell?  

Being an OF voting age human in CT for 6 years, I was never called ONCE… 

Of voting age MA resident for 3 years – called….


Jury Duty, is yet another thing about adulting that is just so ridiculously AWESOME,  I can’t even begin to explain it. 

The day started at 6:30 am today. About 2.5 hours earlier than I normally get up… I had to get dressed, somewhat presentable… I.e. I had to brush my hair and put on a bra (FML already)… 

I am extremely blessed to work from home and rarely have to endur the horrors of rush hour. Thankfully today was no different and doing a reverse commute I was able to cruise to Framingham. 

THANK GOD, MOSES, BABY JESUS and everyone else, Jurors are allowed to have phones and computers…. but is there wifi? No… so I’m out of pocket… 

It’s a rainy, dreary day here in Boston, which made the courthouse look THAT much more appealing. After going through security, I took the elevator to the basement and walked into the most depressing room I’ve ever seen…. 

but hey, there’s art, so it’s not so bad…. 

I walk into the room and the few people here (I was naturally early, because who doesn’t want to rush to jury duty), were talking about CANCER and who in their family has had it or what treatments they had, etc…. Great. Because I wasn’t already depressed by the weather or the fact that I have to sit in a room with strangers all day! 

We then hand in our paperwork, and get our number…. I will now be known as #3… 

I explain to the officer that I am “Self-Employed” and really need to work. He very kindly (seriously nicest man ever) said once were called upstairs we will get the opportunity to talk to the judge. That I should explain my situation… but that if I have to serve most cases are 1 day – max 3… 

So here I sit… next to a wheezy breathing man. Where a fleece that’s way too many colors and hurts my fashion senses. And am surrounded by hacking, coughing and sneezing…. seriously, thank god im still on antibiotics, from a sinus infection, but can I get a hazmat suit or gas mask??? I don’t have time to get SICK AGAIN… and do not want to spend another weekend sick…. 

I’ll be here for the better part of the day folks, so check back for updates and stories…. as I go “live” from my first jury duty experience… 


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