2 Jewish Girls Walk into a Target…

True Story… I am newly OBSESSED with HGTV… I can’t say why, because I honestly don’t know. I find it oddly soothing watching people demo houses and completely transform them from shabby to chic or for run down to beautiful. While I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I like to pretend I do and look forward to when himself and I buy a house and I can start over when it comes to decorating my office and home…

I’d totally do it all different and what I find incredibly frustrating is that our home now is a hodge-podge cluster of plastic drawers, IKEA furniture, target tables, grown up Jordan’s furniture and random crap that I absolutely HAD to have at the time.

In my Early Twenties and for my first apartment I HAD to furnish it IMMEDIATELY… I didn’t take the time I should have to do it right. Something I’ve since learned to do. Much of this year, I’ve learned that my instant gratification and immediately, now, yesterday, impatient attitude doesn’t / hasn’t really gotten me anywhere and now I am trying to change it…

As we enter the second half of our 4th year in this home, I have recently decided to PURGE everything and really organize our crap. Its become a labor of love…. Seriously, I can’t think of any better or more gratifying way to spend my Saturdays off!

Two weeks ago I wrote about my giant PURGE of all clothing… It was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Earlier this week, I decided I now needed to ORGANIZE and put some order to the chaos that is my life.and enlisted the help of my fabulous friend and soul sister Jess!

Earlier in the week, we had the following conversation…

A: How are you at organizing and home improvement stuff?

J: Diggity Dope

A: I need to organize the house and need help!

J: Pick Me, Pick ME!

So this morning, in pure Aly & Jess fashion, we grabbed our Starbucks… and headed to target… Otherwise known as the Mother Ship. Now one of the MANY wonderful things about Miss Jess, is she is a bargain shopper and incredible at re-purposing… 2 things I am not! Throughout the whole shopping trip… “No, that is too expensive, or No, we can find that for less in a different section…” was uttered regularly! At the end of our shopping trip, I came in UNDER budget and with ONLY the necessary items for the project!


After our shopping trip, we were hungry and tired… So we ordered a Pizza and went back to the house… We may have also made Hard Cider Mimosas, with Vanilla vodka…. Don’t try this at home friends, we are professionals…. Our mamas didn’t raise no slackers!

Our first room was the kitchen. My pantry lately has felt like a bad game of Jenga…

So I looked online and found a nice way to organize the pantry, in an in-expensive way. BASKETS! BASKETS! BASKETS!

We took EVERYTHING out of the pantry, organized it by category and EVERYTHING went into a basket… We got a rack for the pans and threw out anything that was old, stale or from 2012…

Next we tackled the cabinets…

Chemicals and Necessities now have a organized home…

The Bathroom needed only a little bit of work!

With baskets, they allow you to organize, while still looking chic and less cluttered!


While on our excursion to get MORE baskets from Target… Because we HAD to finish the project… Himself decorated for Halloween, Because he loves this stuff just as much as I do… He’ll just never admit it!



Naturally Dash LOVES the decorations!

The rest of the house will have to do until we move and can invest in nicer furniture!


I dream of a KING size bed, with a gray studded headboard and a MATCHING bedroom set, with curtains and everything.

For my office, I would love it to be glamorous yet comfortable with over-sized heather gray armless chairs, a lucite desk in white and mirrored glass make up table  and mirrored glass end tables! I want everything to be glam, functional and comfortable to hang out it. With a BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE small sleeper couch for guests!

All I know is that when the time comes to move, I will happily get rid of ALL my target furniture, cheap plastic drawers and find the right pieces that match and make the investment!

Today was extremely gratifying to have a fully organized home where everything has a place!

Next up – rearranging the living room 🙂


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