When 2 Kids fall in Love!

Today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary. Which I find absolutely incredible, and feel beyond blessed to call these 2 humans my Mom & Dad. In an age of divorce, cheating scandals and general animosity, my parents have surpassed the norm of divorce and grow closer each year of wedded bliss!


But everyone says that don’t they? Everyone loves their parents, or at least most people do. But I can honestly say with 100% certainty, that mine are some of the best.

Let me tell you why..

  1. They’re generous. These 2 will go out of their way to help ANYONE no matter what…
  2. They raised us girls, which was no easy feat. and SURVIVED IT!
  3. They know how to have a good time… #ClubGrushkin
  4. They are always available when I need to talk, vent or cry…
  5. They have taught me, by example, how to maintain a healthy relationship and respect each others differences.
  6. They made sure I was fluent in sarcasm.
  7. They taught me how to take a joke, and poke fun at myself!
  8. They taught me / showed me what a hard work looks like and how it pays off.
  9. They taught me how important it is to Work Hard, but Play Harder
  10. They encouraged (mandated, if I wanted that extra outfit or pair of shoes) me to work at a young age and the importance of work / life balance. fam
  11. They taught me compassion and respect for others, despite differences
  12. They taught me that some people need to put others down to feel better about themselves and how important it is to rise above it… and to NOT let the turkeys get you down!
  13. They taught me how to roll with the punches (that one took a while… and we’re still working on)
  14. Most importantly they’ve given me an excellent example of how to be a parent and raise children in a loving, supportive home.

My parents are honestly 2 of my best friends and I look forward to when they move closer so we can hang out ALL THE TIME! They are my sounding boards and the reason I can go out into the unknown of adulting, because I know no matter what, they’ve got my back.

So, on this day, the day these 2 crazy kids decided to get married, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for meeting in that gym on Comm Ave, Boston… Mom, thank you for giving him a chance….Dad, thank you for choosing the RIGHT Pam…. Thank you for falling in love… Thank you for getting married…

Thank you for starting a family… Thank you for the beautiful life you built for us…. Thank you for the amazing childhood, countless vacations and a beautiful home to grow up in! Thank you for your continued guidance, support and love…. Thank you for consistently putting up with my crazy-ass emotional self…. Thank you for being an incredible example of love… AND most importantly…. Thank you for continuing to love and respect each other!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO! Here’s to 29 more!!!! <3


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