The Grushkins… We’re pretty awesome…

My family is pretty special… But we’d have to be to make one of our own feel like absolute shit on their birthday, and totally unloved to then surprise them with a kick ass birthday party…

Yesterday, was my sister Genna’s 25th Birthday… and with the spearheading of her 2 oldest and bestest friends, we pulled off the greatest surprise party of all time. period.

It all started when one of her friends approached our family to see if it was something we would be into… naturally we never turn down a party, so we were totally in.

gennaeventFrom there the planning was full speed ahead. We had a venue, guest list, Facebook Event and the major over all plan in place. But of course, Genna is a complete and utter PITA, so she pestered ALL of us to know if/ what we were doing for her… Since we all said nothing… She went ahead and planned her OWN birthday party for the day after her birthday (Saturday, Today)…

We immediately got on our own Facebook Group to let them know that party was not happening, but people should RSVP anyway! As the date got closer, we made Genna feel more and more unloved… I told her I couldn’t come down for her actual BDAY and could only come Saturday. Leigha told her she couldn’t come down AT ALL and had to work all weekend. Our Parents told her they couldn’t take her out to dinner for her Bday because they had a networking function they couldn’t miss… She was so upset, it was pretty funny. Her friends were set to take her out and initially come back to our neighborhood bar for the party… But with a last minute (1 week before) venue change to somewhere she’d never go, we had to come up with a new plan on how to get her there.

The plan was revised, the guests were updated and marching orders were given. Her friends were to keep her out of the house all day and take her to dinner. Leigha and I were going to come down mid day and run all the errands to pick up all the things.. We had an Instagram board, props and a geo-filter… all the makings for a great freaking party!

Genna’s friends brilliantly set it up that Genna thought she was going to a “Grand Opening” at a new bar… and that it was ladies night…

On the day of her birthday, she called me to ask if my friend, who she knew owned the place, could “Hook them up”… My response… Totally!

I became a complete road warrior and came from Boston –> Stamford –> Westport –> Ridgefield –> Westport –> Norwalk –> Westport (almost forgot the balloons!!!!) –> Norwalk… Leigha and I got to the bar, set up, and waited…

And waited…. Did a couple shots…. Waited… Played with the photo booth and waited…

THEN FINALLY, guests came!

It was ALMOST time for the Surprise… then I get a call from Genna’s friends (who were with her) but couldn’t find the bar… Thankfully Genna thought she was on the phone with their guy friend who recommended the place!

Finally they walk in, and we GOT HER! Look at that cute face! Seeing her so happy was worth all the sadness of making her feel like crap, all the anxiety that someone would spill the beans and all the stress she put on us… 🙂 We love this girl so damn much and can’t believe how great 24 was, that we had to make sure to kick off 25 with a bang! I admire my sister so much. She has incredible strength, charisma and is beyond beautiful…

As a friend put it, she was “Glowing, you know, without being pregnant!”

Her immediate words…. I Hate you guys… What the Fuck… then to Leigha…. Fuck You! I love your dress!

She then quietly mouthed to my mom… “Am I still having my party tomorrow?”

The rest of the night was AMAZING! We had the absolute best time and couldn’t have been more grateful to Jay from MKT and his beautiful wife Danielle as well as his business partners for their hospitality and generosity! It was truly a fantastic night!

Here are the highlights…






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