The cat pics have nothing to do with the post except for the fact that humanity sucks and cats are cute…

Today I am sick… As I am most of the fall and early winter. Some pe20161023_002206562_iosople get strep, others get bronchitis or the flu.. I get sinus infections. Which are super fun because not only do the hurt like hell, make my brain mushy and make it overall difficult for me to function as a human; but they also make my face so puffy, that I look like the epitome of a sinus infection… I. AM. SINUS WOMAN.

But today I am not only sick from a sinus infection, I am sick of everything. I am sick of my friends and family on Facebook attacking each other over their politics and choice of president. I am sick of scrolling through my news feed and seeing people I love and care about posting dumb shit, just to start a riot. I am sick of the SAME stuff constantly on the news real and media stream… OK, Shit was said, done or not done… GET FUCKING OVER IT… Its over with…


While I too, am at fault for posting and engaging, I’ve stopped because my involvement doesn’t bring anything good. Involving myself in this bullshit did was waste my already too little and precious time, and caused me major anxiety. I am too smart and too busy to get wrapped up in this crap and so are ALL of you… And if you’re not, well then, can we trade places?

“Everything the light touches, is ours”

My opinion will not change yours, and yours will not change mine… Posting rhetoric, fodder and video clips from 2000 will not change it either. What boggles my mind is why the general population feel the need to put down others who don’t share their opinions. I know politics brings out the worst in people but NEVER have I felt the need to unfriend / unfollow some of my own FAMILY members and VERY CLOSE family friends… Its just disgusting! Share what you want to share, do what you want to do, but don’t attack those who don’t feel the same way in your caption…Do you feel that threatened or have such little faith in your own candidate, that you need to attack others?? Do you know that debating and putting down your family and friends probably won’t be the deciding factor in whether or not your candidate wins? Do you know that no matter who wins, we’re only stuck with that person for 4-8 years… but you’re stuck with your family, those you have insulted and viciously attacked for LIFE?

He. Is. Flawless… <3

I’ve silently sat and watched as my own family has attacked one-another and to be honest. I was pretty saddened by it. They will tell you its the name of the game and all in good fun, but family should agree to disagree or stick by one another. Not attack, belittle and ridicule!

My Model Girl – Princess Piper

I am sick of this election. I am sick of the candidates. I am sick of the drama and the stupidity. I am sick of the media and the constant barge of bullshit… I am sick of the conversations that happen at my bar and the fights that nearly break out over the beliefs of others…

If there is ONE thing DRUNK people should not talk about its POLITICS… I am just sick of everything.


I am sick of the negativity and hate that is going on.I am sick to my stomach on this one. I can’t handle all the awful things that are going on in our once great country. You can’t listen / watch the news or scroll through a feed without being greeted with something truly awful, followed by something else awful. I am sick of the wrongful deaths, the lack of respect for those who wear a uniform, the abused animals and kids, the shootings, the lack of respect for each other and all the fucking CLOWNS.

But really what is up with these freaking clowns? Seriously…. What other country has a “Clown” Problem and citizens who have to be told to be vigilant because clowns might pop up out of no where and attack them? When did life become a bad horror movie?

I am just so sick of it all… But mainly I am just so sad. I am losing my faith in humanity,  and deeply saddened by the lack of respect and over all common decency. So here are some cute cat pics because they’re adorable and society sucks…

Because, Love really is all you need!


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