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20161022_001956981_iosDo you have sisters?


Want mine?

Jusssssssssst Kidding…. you couldn’t handle them…

Sisters are your biggest critics, best friends, worst enemy, confidant, teammate and the one you can blame everything on!

My sisters and I have a very weird and incredible relationship!

I am the oldest of 3 girls, and in our family, we were not raised to be delicate flowers, so we are 3 power-house, take-no-prisoners, hell on wheels women. My sisters and I are all relatively close in age, with a 6.5 year gap between myself and the youngest (Leigha). We’re all quirky, funny, intelligent, strong, independent women… and we will be the first to tell you that. Did I mention we’re all incredibly modest too?

If you have sisters, or siblings for that matter, you know there are very interesting dynamics that can change at the drop of a hat.

Twinning Hard Core… They’re too gorgeous!

Growing up, and 28 months apart, Genna and I were very close. We did everything together, and I am pretty sure there were matching outfits involved, though I don’t have any proof on hand. Four years after Genna made her GRAND entrance into this world, Leigha came along, and at 6 1/2 years old, I thought she was a doll, for me to care for.

Leigha, changed everything, she completed our family in more ways than we knew we needed and brought a spunkiness that could not have been expected. Leigha for the first couple years of her life, was my little mini-me. She was my doll I could dress up and my buddy. However as we got older, Genna and Leigha became very close, being that they were closer in age and in general crazy spirit… often ganging up on me, the outsider.

Let me clarify a couple things about my personality. While I like to have fun, I am often the “mom” or cautious. Some might say I have a tendency to have a “Stick up my ass”… I like to live my life, can be very funny, am mature beyond my years and like to remain in control at all times, and often am told to “lighten up”. I prefer to refer to myself as cautious and mature… but I am sure there are many other ways to classify my personality….. Just ask my sisters.

Within our dynamic, I often bring the reality check or logical thought to the hair-brained schemes, which is not always well received!

Through many, MANY, fights. Countless screaming matches, biting, skin gauging, hair pulling and tears, we survived our pre-teen and adolescent years, with minimal physical and emotional

When your sister totally gets you…



We formed friendships within our sisterhood, that are special and weird and nobody else can understand. We may fight and ridicule each other but that’s because we’re allowed. NOBODY can mess with a Grushkin, except for a Grushkin… And trust me, we made sure others knew that.

Girls are MEAN and throughout our elementary, middle and high school days, we stood up for each-other, only to go home and fight like we were on the Jersey Shore.

Our parents often heard how “Lovely, Kind, Considerate and Nice” we were outside of the house, and a common quote was “Why can’t you be like that at home and to each other…”

However, like I said, Girls are mean and only Grushkins can mess with each other, and boy do we ever… Well, that is Genna & Leigha find great humor and joy in poking fun and picking on me, since I am the weakest of the bunch.

20161105_233505000_iosWhat makes things even more interesting is we’re all very sensitive and different things tip us off. But knowing how to push each others buttons doesn’t hurt either. While I am often the one ganged up on, I am not without fault. I know the buttons to push and despite the fact that I am the oldest and mature one, sometimes its hard not to push that button and get the final punch!

Despite our chaotic relationships, we love each other and continue to strengthen our bonds in our own special ways. We love hard and fight harder, but I wouldn’t trade these goons for the world.

They’re my shoulders to cry on, the only ones that get all our weird family inside jokes, they have seen me at my worst and best (and don’t let me forget it)… They’re my heart, soul and reason I am who I am.

Pretty much sums up our relationship…


I love the relationship we’ve formed and the group chat we have going on a continuous basis. They bring the necessary chaos to my life and I hope on some level, I bring some sanity to theirs.

I love you sissies! Keep on being your incredibly amazing crazy ass selves!

What are your sibling dynamics like?





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