Bridging the Gap

Prior to posting this, I expressed concerns regarding publishing this post…


This will be my final post about politics and the election. I’ve been moderately vocal throughout and am truly exhausted. I am tired of the mean spirited comments, I am tired of the lack of respect shown by opposing party supporters, I am tired of political postings on social media and the mean spirited comments they evoke, I am tired of it all… The election is over, the country decided by casting their votes (Electoral College system is a crazy one) and our next president has been chosen. With any election one side loses and one side wins. One side is ALWAYS going to be afraid of the outcome and how it will affect their life.


This election especially and the media portrayal of the candidates has brainwashed the  general public and left half the population in fear that their rights will be taken away.

While I completely and wholeheartedly respect their opinions, there are people that are taking their fear to a whole new level, showing their fear by protesting… which is fine, until it stops being peaceful, burning of the flag (which I find beyond disgraceful and hypocritical since those doing it are demanding respect and feel disrespected by the president – elect.

Throughout the entire presidential campaign, I’ve had the pleasure of having very educational conversations with my friend Scott who is an active member in the LBGT+ community. Naturally he is a democrat and a proud HRC supporter.

With mutual respect and love for each other, we’ve been able to freely convey our opinions (PRIVATELY) to each other, and learn from the other about their sides views.

While a young conservative and someone who has very conservative beliefs and values, I can respect his opinions, thoughts, fears. Despite my own personal views, I don’t feel it is right for the government (federal or state) should determine the rights of who you can love or marry. I believe that there should be equal rights and that it should be alienable and constitutional in nature.

Yesterday after the results were in, I wrote in a facebook post that “Love needs to be the winner today”… To which 2 people replied with such negativity and disrespect (to me and other Trump supporters) that I took the post down, which left me deeply saddened, that I couldn’t voice my thoughts on the election out come, or the importance that love be the real winner, in terms of respecting one-another in these trying times.

That negativity was exactly what I was trying to say needed to be stopped. No matter who you voted for, the election was over and we need to move forward with respect and love for each other.

When it came/comes to social media, negative postings by liberal supporters to Trump supporters were seemingly in abundance, where as Republican voters, which vocal in rallies and for some online, stayed away from attacking Liberal supporters attack.

*Please note, this is based on my own feed and opinion…

Being subject to attacks, made it impossible to have an opinion publicly without being viciously attacked. Which is why I tried to express that Love needed to be the winner and we needed to support each other not matter if we have a difference of opinion.

My very liberal friend (Scott), has demonstrated enough respect for me and my beliefs to keep his comments private, and I have returned that respect, by offering my full support to keep an open mind…

With his permission, I am going to share some clips over our conversation.

As you can see, and is very clear by the response to the President – Elect. People on the left are afraid. But aren’t we all? Aren’t we all afraid of society today? Whether we’re afraid that our rights to love and be loved will be challenged or afraid that our safety is at risk on a daily basis… aren’t we all scared?

This is a CRAZY time to be alive and an American. In present day, our country has never been so divided that commentators “joke” of a 2nd civil war… (I don’t find that funny…) I respect my friends fear, but voted the way I did, because I have fears of my own.

As you can see we both have different opinions, but agree that we need to come together to find a solution. That we need to both fight for Liberty & Justice.. We both want a stronger economy and to feel safer, but feel there are different ways to go about it.

We hear each other out, agree to disagree and with mutual respect continue to have a conversation that is an important one. We don’t belittle each other, we don’t demean each other, we don’t shut down. We talk. We communicate. We both hope for a bridge to close the gap and that our country can move together as one, united nation.

While not something I fully understand or will pretend to be educated on, the LBGT+ community is one that has STRONG values and has fought for their rights for longer than they should have had to… I understand the fear this new republican administration and congressional control brings, but I also believe that those rights have have been fought so hard for, will not be overturned. I believe (naive as it may be), as I said in my message, that there are SO many other pressing issues this administration needs to tackle, like economy, border security, safeguarding the nation from terrorist and Obamacare / free market insurance, that revoking the rights already granted by the previous administration will be low on the list / shouldn’t be on it at all.

It just makes me very very sad, that some of the protests, while understandable, are beginning to get violent and not peaceful at all.

Here is what Scott had to say on the protests and the movement forward: 

AND the protests, contrary to what the media is reporting, has ALOT to do with the democratic establishment for failing them
Yes, they HATE trump and are protesting his win. BUT they feel let down by being told Hillary Clinton was their candidate even though they wanted Bernie, who for all arguments sake is the liberal version of Trump.
I’ve spoken to some people who attended the peaceful protests and they said it was as much of a protest against the establishment, DNC, and the system as it was that the severely oppose Trump’s social views
I agree the violent protests and burning of the flag shows disrespect and isn’t called for. But you have to acknowledge the pain that brings them to these actions. Condemn the action, acknowledge their pain
This is a humbling moment for liberals and progressives. Admittedly we are often on our high horse with our social views because we just want justice. Our tunnel vision fails us. Just as the conservative viewpoint had failed the Republicans for so long. This is a reminder that everything is fragile and needs to be dealt with through humility and conversation, not condescending demands.
They’re attacking our police, who are out there to keep them safe. They are burning the AMERICAN FLAG… the very thing that represents everything they claim to be fighting for. While I understand they are in pain and frustrated by the outcome, there are ways to peacefully convey that message.

I pray for America. I pray for those who are so beyond angry. I pray for our once great nation, to become great again. I pray we can find a way to bridge the gap and come together, agreeing to disagree but to move forward to better our nation and futures.

I am grateful for our conversations as it has allowed me to learn more about a community that I don’t really know anything about, as well as shedding some light onto the feelings of the democratic party.


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