#CatMom – Parenting Lesson 95

So, I’ve wrote about it before, I am a proud Cat-Mom. I have 2 beautiful, spunky, fluffy kitties, whom I love immensely… Probably more than I ever thought possible. Yes. I know. I am a Crazy Cat Lady! I’ll admit it.. Crazy Cat Lady over here and PROUD OF IT!


These fur-babies are incredible creatures, they are so smart, funny, have such huge personalities and are so utterly loving,  especially when I need it the most.

Our first kitten, Piper,  had her fair share of kitten antics but was a rather calm, not very curious kitten… She likes to cuddle, but only on her terms and for short periods of time… She very much likes her alone time, and is very timid around new people.

Getting our second, Dash, we knew he was special, but we didn’t know he would be the complete OPPOSITE of Piper. He is an investigator, extremely curious, super cuddly and needs to be with us at all times. He is VERY interested in new people and LOVES to hang out, and give kisses and sleeps with us most nights… But just as he is different in the personality ways, he is also a completely trouble maker and keeps me on my toes! For starters I say more times in one day “Get off your sister” or “What are you eating” than I’d care to share and found him playing with a NAIL the other day… Like what? Where did you get that!



He needs to be entertained much of the time too… And if he doesn’t get his way, he gives a very big, frustrated sigh… and may or may not destroy something…A few weeks ago, I locked him out of our bedroom, because it was too early to eat… What did he do? Took out all his frustration on an unsuspecting tissue box… Never saw it coming… The next week? He attacked the toilet paper, because it was conspiring with the tissues… (We now keep all paper products in a closet, out of kitten reach…)

Recently, we (and by we, I mean A) put up our Christmakkah Tree and our new little guy is OBSESSED with it, while our girl Piper, was interested, she never once tried to CLIMB IT…

My gorgeous, Calm, Timid Girl

What is it about BOYS, both feline and human? Why do they have to try to climb EVERYTHING…

My little guy, despite being down a leg, does NOT let that stop him… All morning today, he was attempting (and at points succeeding) to climb the tree. Have you ever spanked (lets be honest, I gave him a light tap) a cat??? I have… They give the most INTENSE “WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” look…

Dream Big, Little One!

After several taps, and scolds, I finally decided it would be a good idea to try to distract him… Why didn’t I think of that in the first place, you ask? Well that’s because this was at 6:30 AM and I hadn’t had any coffee!

So I distract my troublemaker, then decide its time to get my life in order and do the dishes… While my back is turned, I hear clamoring, turn around and see this…


Yes… He is SITTING on my coffee maker… Again, did I mention he is my troublemaker kitten.

This little guy, has COMPLETELY stolen my heart, and is absolutely giving me excellent parenting experience, so some day, when we have kids, I will be moderately more ready than had I not gotten these fur-babies! These fluffybutts keep me on my toes and make sure life will never be boring again!

Its a good thing he’s cute…


3 thoughts on “#CatMom – Parenting Lesson 95

  1. They will prepare for something fur sure! And just like the human kind with different unique purrsonalities!! Thank you for sharing their antics with us!

    1. My pleasure! They’re so much fun and have such huge personalities for such tiny things! I talk about them a lot on here, as they are a major part of my life! Enjoy!!

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