It’s the Holiday Season!

“It’s the holiday season, the holiday season, With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock” – Andy Williams


Hello December! You’re sneaky, but I’m glad you’re here! Its been a long year and I am VERY ready for this joyful, magical season and the new beginning this month brings!

From September to December is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! The weather is cooler, sweaters are back in, leggings are acceptable and boots are the norm. You don’t need to consistently shave your legs, your toes can go paintless, everything is over-sized and sweating, when walking outside, comes to an end!

The foliage is beautiful and vibrant, people start to become a little nicer and of course the Starbucks Holiday cups come back!

I LOVE living in New England, specifically for this time of year and will take the snow, to get these 4 months of heaven! I mean, COME ON!

The holiday season makes me happy!

I love giving my loved ones presents that I’ve spent my hard earned money on and carefully wrapped! I love seeing their faces and excitement when they open their gift and I know it is something they truly wanted!

I love getting together with friends and family to celebrate the end of another year, there is something about the holidays that brings out the best in people and its beautiful to see.

I love the beauty of our Christmaukkah Tree! Celebrating ALL the holidays is one of the greatest things ever! I am so blessed to be able to share Hanukkah with A and be able to share Christmas with his family!


I love the traditions A and I are starting to make as we continue to celebrate more and more holidays in our own home. I love that we can blend the religions we raised with and
celebrate everything! Thinking of adding Festivus to the mix soon… Hello airing of grievances and Feats of Strength!

I love visiting with our family’s, spending whole days together, when the world is quiet and there are minimal distractions of work and life.

I love the colors! The blues, the gold, the silver, the red, the shimmer, the sparkle and OMG do I love twinkle lights!

I love seeing the beautiful homes all lit up and the tree lined streets with gorgeous white lights!

I just LOVE this season and the magic that surrounds it! 

Happy Holidays Loves! Hope its fabulous! 




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