Time to put 2016 to bed!

So….I decided to send out a holiday card this year. Featuring, our fur-babies… Naturally…

A “Cat Card” as my friends lovingly referred to it, when I asked for their addresses, was ordered through Simply To Impress… Who by the way does a FANTASTIC job and ships the cutest packages!

Well, I shopped, chose the layout (then changed my mind about 27 times, chose the right picture, customized the text and placed my order.

It wasn’t until I unpacked the cards… All FORTY of them, to realize I MAJORLY F*&KED Up! Can you spot the mistake below???

Collective AW SHIT…. Commence!

If you still can’t figure it out… I’ll give you a hint! My ManFriend is not named Aly… Awesome.

So… Since these obviously cannot be sent out, and ordering new ones would not only cost me more money but would be here AFTER the holiday, I have decided to share my holiday wishes and year in review, here. You’re Welcome! 

Towards the end of March, 2016 – I started this blog to track my journey through weight-loss, healthy living, turning my debt around, as well as following the growing pains of being a 26 (now 27) year old woman.

This year has most certainly been one that can come to an end ASAP, while a year of immense growth, it was also one that was extremely trying… and I’m not talking about all the political turmoil and nation divided.

This year I learned a lot about myself… Since this was a year of growth, I really put a lot of energy into becoming a better person.

  • I learned I am a Strong, independent woman. I am strong mentally, physically and emotionally… Even though I cry every chance I get!
  • I learned that when the going gets tough, you hunker down and figure it out. There isn’t any problem too big, when you have an incredible support system!
  • I learned (but already knew), that my ManFriend is the greatest guy in the whole world and has strength like none else. He consistently amazes me every day and is a true inspiration of perseverance and goals!
  • I learned that my sisters are the epitome of strength! They are so incredibly smart, beautiful and funny! Whatever they put their mind to, they achieve and I am forever impressed by their perseverance.
  • I learned that I will NEVER stop needing my parents, but that I am capable of standing on my own 2 feet, and figuring things out for myself. All the values and morals they instilled in me are starting to come to light and I am extremely grateful for that!
The Fab Five
  • I learned that 27 is not too old to make new friends and this year, I made some incredible new friends. This amazing women came into my life at the right times and have become some of my most trusted confidants!
  • I learned that your girlfriends are one of the most important things in life, especially carving out the time to take trips together.
  • I learned that I am beautiful in whatever skin I am currently fitting into, whether I am at my biggest or my smallest and that only I can control my diet and exercise. Nothing is going to happen unless I am determined to make it so.
  • I learned that working out is more than just physical fitness, but is also about mental fitness and once you find something you love doing, working out isn’t such a chore!
  • I learned, I really don’t have the cooking gene. I’ve documented my attempts here several times, I know I am very good at many things… Cooking just isn’t one of them. Thank God my wonderful Manfriend CAN cook and does it so well! Otherwise I’d probably starve.
  • I learned that I can eat very healthy if I really want to… But I really enjoy bread, pizza and tacos too much to eat 100% clean all the time!
  • I learned that I CAN cut out wine… Something I never thought I could do…
  • I learned that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve anything!
  • I learned that hard work pays off… debt!
    • In the last 6 months, I paid off 5K (down from 7) in credit card debt.
    • I paid off 3K in Tax Debt
    • Increased my credit score by 70 points in 6 months! Successfully breaking into the 700’s
    • I also paid off nearly 13K total towards my student loan debt (in SIX months!!!) <– I don’t think I’ve paid that much in the 5 years since I graduated college!
  • I learned that I REALLY need to stop shopping, because I don’t need ANYTHING else in my life, especially more clothes.
  • I learned that when I stop shopping, I have MORE MONEY!!
  • I learned, I am a #GirlBoss (in training) and am VERY good at my job, but still have SO much to learn! I am very Thankful for my father who is the greatest mentor and coach I could ask for!
  • I learned that when I shop around and find the right pieces, I can have the Glam Office of my dreams! (Still a Work in Progress!)
  • I learned being a #GirlBoss is a lot of work, but so utterly rewarding in the end!

This year, we also became a family of 4, when we added my littlest love Dash! Its a Mad Mad Mad World. I didn’t know our little family was incomplete (for now) until we got this tiny fluff-ball! Dash has changed our home in SO many ways its hard to believe he hasn’t been here all along! He added a level of chaos (we didn’t need, but now have), gave Piper a playmate and gave me the cuddly kitten I’ve always wanted. While Piper is the absolute sweetest and cuddly, it is only on her terms. She is ALSO very independent and likes to be left alone! Dash on the other hand, needs to be with us, or on us, at all times… Even sleeps in our bed at night, and gives the sweetest kisses!

Becoming a kitty mom of 2 has been quite the experience though! These 2 give me a RUN for my money! Dash is constantly into something or bugging Piper in some way, that I feel like I am forever saying “what’s in your mouth?” “What do you have” “Stop biting your sister”… #CatMom – Parenting Lesson 95

All in all, this year was one of major growth, major trials and tribulations, major amounts of love and patience and massive amounts of kitten kisses and cuddles!

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and VERY Happy New Year! Make 2017 the greatest year yet… While I don’t know what 2017 will bring, I know it will be a great year, both personally and professionally. I CAN’T wait to see how it all unfolds!

Thanks for following me during the journey, the journey is only just getting started and the best is yet to come?

Love Always,







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