A New Year, A New Me?

Everybody makes New Years resolutions right?

  • This year I will go to the gym EVERYDAY!
  • This year, I will eat 100% clean!
  • This year, I will be nice
  • This year, I will get in shape
  • This year, I will make more money
  • This year, I will be kinder to my family, friends, spouse, etc…
  • This year, I will clean my house every day
  • This year, I will not shop…
  • This year, I will put XXX per week into savings

But how many people really keep those resolutions? I know I sure haven’t! I’ve made and broken resolutions probably within the same day! Because resolutions are just words, unless you actually take action.

I started this journey, to become a better, stronger and healthier me, in March, 2016. Nearly 3 months into the year, but it wasn’t a resolution. It was a strong desire to make a change… See I strongly feel and believe that resolutions are only as good as the person making them, and if you’re not ready to make a major change… then you won’t stick to it. Full disclosure, I have, by no means been faithful to being my best self, eating healthy or exercise.

I SURELY did not stick to the lifestyle portion of the Whole 30… I have probably worked out more in the last 3 months than I have the entire year and while I’ve grown exponentially as a person, I have picked petty fights with my Man Friend. I’ve been an instigator and pushed my sisters buttons when I know I shouldn’t have and I’ve been feisty to loved ones & strangers when unnecessary.

But for the most part…? I can honestly say I am proud of myself this year and the major changes I’ve made to grow as a human.

I am proud of the woman I have become and am still working on. I am proud of the Girl Boss I am learning how to be, I am proud of my relationship with my Man Friend and the amazing bond we have… I am also incredibly proud of the daughter / sister/ friend I am, and that I am someone my friends and family count on for advice and help!

I am proud of the fact that I am FINALLY seeing results (after 9 months of working towards them… ok, its probably only been about 4 consistently, but whose counting!) I am beyond happy that I’ve found a workout program that I love and can truly see results from! You know you’ve begun to achieve goals when friends begin to comment… that may be the BEST feeling ever!

Jan 2016 —————————– Dec 2016

I am proud of the confident individual I have become and the personal issues I have overcome.

So, Instead of making “resolutions” because they mean squat. I am going to keep working on myself, continuing to be a good person… Continuing to work hard and achieve my goals and continue to strive to be the best I possibly can be!

I am going to continue to be kind.

I am going to continue to stop law enforcement, first responders and members of the armed forces and say “Thank You”.

I am going to continue to grow.

I am going to be the BEST possible version of myself.

I am going to succeed!

Happy New Year! Make 2017 GREAT!


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