Look how far you’ve come!

Sometimes, when life gets hard, you need a reminder as to how truly amazing you are.

My ALL TIME Favorite line is from the movie The Help: “You is smart, You is kind, You is important.” From time to time, when you’re actively immersed in your life, you forget how truly incredible you really are… A mantra like this is a nice reminder.

This June, will mark 10 Years since I graduated High School. T-E-N. I find that beyond insane. I’m not old enough to attend a 10 year high school reunion, that’s for “old” people.


Where did the time go? I feel like in the past 10 years, I’ve accomplished so much and yet sometimes I feel like it isn’t enough.

Yea, sure, I have a great job, loving man friend, wonderful friends and a supportive family. I have a great apartment, 2 adorable furbabies and make a decent living. But sometimes I feel like my poor choices in my early twenties have made my late twenties an up-hill battle.

  • Why did I let myself rack up so much credit card debt that it took me nearly 3 years, debt consolidation and the limitations of a terrible credit score to pay it off.
  • Why didn’t I save the money I should have while an Independent contractor, which forced me to make payments to my Taxes…. Interest EATS YOU ALIVE FYI…
  • Why can I not stop shopping and buying “cute” things – If i were smarter and didn’t buy new boots every season, I could have a heck of a lot more money in my savings.
  • Why do I still take silly things so personally… Why can’t I be stronger and more confident in my convictions, not taking things so personally.
  • Why haven’t I kept to my 18 Year Old Weight… Why did I let myself gain over 40 lbs in the last 4 years…

Its easy to be hard on yourself and only see the negatives of what you haven’t done… But seeing what you have done and have accomplished is SO VERY CRUCIAL!

  • Damn 18 Year Old Aly – You were so thin!!!! If only my 27.5 year old metablosim could still eat whatever I wanted, drink whatever I wanted and be this thin from just working out! #Fappy (Fat Happy) (Credit to my amazing friend K.C.)

But in the same regard, I have accomplished so MUCH

  • I graduated from college in 4 years, with transferring!
  • I’ve held 2 jobs at the same time for 6 years, running on fumes at times, but getting everything I needed to be.
  • I’ve paid off my credit card debt
  • I’ve paid off my Tax Debt
  • In 6 months, I paid off nearly 15K towards my student loans
  • I’ve moved 3 times, and now reside in a great apartment that feels like home.
  • I’ve held the same incredible job for 6 years – and continue to grow and learn, becoming a total Girl Boss and mentor to younger women.
  • I’ve kept 2 fur babies alive for over 2 years and continue to learn more and more about being a “cat” mom
  • I’ve maintained a healthy, loving relationship with the same man for almost 7 years. While it hasn’t always been easy, as no relationship is, we’ve truly grown up together and there isn’t any other person in the world, i’d rather share this ride with.
  • I’ve become a better sister and friend – Actively working at becoming less judgmental and more accepting of differences.
  • While victim to bullies throughout my whole life, I’ve come out the true victor and have maintained long lasting incredible friendships with smart, beautiful, kind women.
  • I’ve FINALLY gotten into a great workout routine, one that I absolutely LOVE!
  • I’ve learned the benefits of eating healthy, and made the decision not to live that way 100%.

While I am not where I thought I would be at 27.5, and life has taken unexpected turns, I couldn’t be more grateful for this life I’ve been given and the challenges faced… They made me a stronger, more independent woman!

For 2017 – I have some goals… They’re not resolutions because those don’t last.

  1. I want to pay off at a MINIMUM 25K towards my student loans
  2. I want to save at a minimum 1K each month
  3. I want to become more patient and kinder on a regular basis to my loved ones and strangers
  4. I want to do more good deeds and make more people smile!
  5. I want to not only lose weight but get fit and toned! I want to be comfortable in my own skin…. The number doesn’t matter…
  6. I want to buy less STUFF! I want to stop shopping less and saving more
  7. I want to be a better partner,  daughter, granddaughter and sister
  8. I want to be less emotional and stronger in my convictions
  9. I want to make 2017 the best year yet
  10. I want 2017 to be MY YEAR. And it starts now!



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