Girl (Cat) Mom vs. Boy (Cat) Mom

The Differences between boys and girls! The struggle is real.


Girl Cat: Sweetest Little Girl! Sleeps through the night, in her own room, may come to say hi in the middle of the night, but lets you sleep. Doesn’t come back in the morning till she hears you wake up. Greets you very nicely and sweetly, might play a little, but sleeps most of the day and cuddles periodically. Girl Cat loves you on her terms, likes to watch you from a far and is incredibly independent.

Boy Cat: Cuddles you constantly, is needy, talks to you, needs to be on you at all times.. In the middle of the night, boy cat cuddles into to bed with you, sleeps right next to you or at your feet, gives wet nose kisses… Steals your whole heart and hobbles away with it.


Boy Cat also turns into a gremlin at night…Boy Cat eats your nose, and kneads on your neck (sweet but not at 2 am), Finds the noisiest toys, Knocks stuff off your night stand, runs around the house playing (in the middle of the night), throws himself at the bottom of your bed when he wants to bed fed (wet food) and then races you to the kitchen, while you trip over him (because its 6 am….)

Boy Cat turns you into a true MOM… and you know your a boy mom, when you wake up to a clanking noise next to your night stand, bleary eyed see your phone has been knocked off its standing charger, and said terror kitten is in-between the bed and the night stand. You immediately remember you left your ear plugs on the night stand… Get out of bed, put terror car on the bed…. checking his mouth for ear plug, feel around in the dark for ear plugs only to find ONE! 6 am brain panics (are you making an emergency trip to the hospital with a kitten that swallowed a ear plug?!?) and continues to feel around, until you remember you have a flash light… Find other ear plug… Terror cat starts to throw himself against the bottom of the bed…. Indicating its 20170106_131206242_iostime to get up, before he wakes your man friend…

Boy Cat loves his sister, wants to play with her all the time, and likes to play rough.

Boy Cat wants to love on his mommy and daddy and needs to be fed CONSTANTLY because he is a growing boy.

Boy Cat also gets into immense trouble, finds EVERYTHING he shouldn’t find, likes to lick the outlets, eat the power cords and wants to eat all your make up. Boy Cat is also EXTRA fluffy and gets poo in his fur REGULARLY (including at midnight….)

Man Friend: “Al (I was sleeping), where are the wipes, Dash has poop on him!”

*Immediately gets out of bed half asleep, gets wipes*

*Manfriend hands kitten to me*

*Fights with squirmy kitten to pull poop out of his fur*

*Contemplates shaving fluffy kitten at now 12:30 am*

20170108_000245136_iosBoy Cat, despite having 3 legs, is now a HUGE monster size cat, and can get onto ALL
surfaces, including but not limited to: The Kitchen Table (Jumping from the cat tree to the table), The bathroom sink (climbing up the toilet), Mommy’s Desk (Climbing up onto the desk chair) and the kitchen counters. Getting into EVERYTHING…

Girl Cat loves her brother only when she wants to… Wants to clean him regularly, likes to sit quietly and watch life unfold.

Girl Cat perches, can jump onto any surface she wants, but daintily walks around and doesn’t get into any thing, just investigates. 20170105_135100865_ios
Boy Cat is like the mayhem man from the AllState commericals.

Girl Cat likes to play, but infrequently.

Boy Cat likes to play ALL the time, and needs to be distracted by stimulation toys, when getting into trouble. Boy Cat is ALL BOY…

Boy Cat is giving his parents a crash course in parenting 101….

Girl Cat went easy on her parents when she was a kitten… Typical first kid!

So as I sit here, at 7:45 am, and am on the cusp of working a 13 hour day… With a cuddly boy cat on my lap, I remember its ALL 100% worth it, because my furbabies are EVERYTHING to me and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world <3






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