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If you give a cat tuna fish…

If you give a cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to love you forever…

He’s so tiny when he’s wet LOL!

If you give a cat tuna fish for breakfast and dinner, they’re probably going to love you even more, but may have an upset tummy…

If you give a fluffy (3-legged) cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to get the shits TWICE and need to be cleaned off TWICE, followed by very traumatizing bath for mom & kitty…

So, I’ve realized I am either a great cat mom or a terrible cat mom…

Depends how you look at it. I free feed my cats dry food and a 3oz can of wet food for them both to share at breakfast and a 3oz can to share at dinner. (Good Mommy)

Through trial and shitty error, I’ve learned what agrees with their delicate tummies and what doesn’t… Its a double edged sword… covered in shit… Because they love the stuff but it doesn’t always love them back!

20170120_012429288_iosMy Princess, Piper, has a stomach made of steel apparently, because she has NEVER had an issue… She can eat whatever she wants and will be fine.

My Little Guy, Dash, likes to eat his portion and whatever his sister has left. The fluffy little guy doesn’t have the strongest stomach and has issues (to say the least) when something doesn’t agree with him.

Yesterday and this morning, due to the fact that I forgot to re-order wet food (Bad Mom), and the whining was OVERWHELMING when I walked in the door yesterday after work… I pulled out a can of tuna (in water) and gave them half, to share. Fine, no problem…

Then this morning, I gave them the other half to share. (Bad Mommy)… Cats really shouldn’t eat ALL that much tuna….

First incident, I came down stairs to make breakfast and saw said kitten playing with something on the couch…. It was litter he was playing with… 20170119_220924463_iosBut there was SHIT all over him… So I pick him up, grab the kitty wipes and clean him up… Despite the cries, scratching attempts and squeals!

Second incident, while upstairs in my office, Dash hobbles onto my WHITE rug, and I smell shit! GREAT!

So I pick up my fluffy kitten and bring him into the bathroom, pull out the kitty wipes and clean him off… While he screams and cries…

When Man Friend gets home, Dash rushes to climb all over him! He loves his Daddy so much!

Despite cleaning him off, he still smells… And Man Friend naturally inquires why! I inform him of what has transpired and he says well he stinks!

20170119_175213816_iosAnd I know I’m about to do what I swore i’d never do…. I gave him a bath.

Que the screams… From both of us!

So I change into sweats, I know I’m about to get soaked, grab the dish soap (which is the only safe soap I have) and run the water. Immediately he starts crying once I put him in the water and the only time he stops crying is when he is completely under the faucet. But he ISN’T having it. He claws, cries, bites and tries to escape!

So… after much crying and screaming (again from both of us) – we survived his first bath experience with only minor injuries! Poor baby hated the whole thing and I accept the failed attempt at biting me and the minor scratches because it was a traumatizing experience!

But my boy is such a sweet baby, right after he let me dry him off and still gave me kisses and let me pet him! He’s just the best baby!!






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