Its got good flow… or whatever

So, its been a while… I guess you could say I’ve been busy… Work has been busy, Life has been busy, and of course my fluffy fur-babies keep me VERY busy… But at the same time, I feel like I haven’t accomplished all that much.

I am feeling a little low today, and to avoid this becoming a “bitch and moan” post, I am going to talk about something I am SUPER excited about… The fact that I FINALLY finished decorating my office!!

This project began back in September when I decided I wanted to re-do my space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable to be in / have friends in. I couldn’t have imagined it coming out as amazing as it has… Nor did I ever think I would actually ever finish it!

What started out as a mismatch, cluster of furniture and crap… is now a beautiful space, fully of positive energy and life. Thanks to my own vision, my family / man friend, Target & my dream office became a reality!

The beginning…


The room constantly gave me anxiety because of the fact that it had no real organization and was not enjoyable to look at.

Phase 1 began when I got my new desk!


With the addition of my BEAUTIFUL new desk, from my fabulous parents, I got Target cubes to organize my shelves and the open concept desk. I also FINALLY hung the black and white pics I had of my babies from SEPTEMBER… Better late than never I guess!

Phase 2: Thanks to my wonderful Man Friend & Sisters I was able to add my beautiful “Pop of Color” love seat, rug and pillows! The storage ottoman, I bought myself… it was on sale


The changes didn’t stop there… With each new addition of furniture the room got a different vibe and layout!


Phase 3: Came unexpectedly early when I found a chair and mirror for the right price… These additions, completed the room, and has made this girl extremely happy to go to “work” everyday…

Its hard to leave! I love spending time in there so much, combined with the fact that I got the Amazon Fire Stick, and am binge watching everything…. It is the most wonderful place in the world! All I need now is a bar cart and small fridge for champagne!

As one friend, who was apart of the inaugural wine night, said… “You really have everything up here! Do you ever leave?”…. My reply? “Yes… To get more wine”….


As you can see, the room got a new layout with the addition of the new chair (Featuring Piper)… This layout allows for better flow and energy! I feel so happy every time I walk into my office, and have to remind myself to leave… to spend time with my man 🙂

I will be now accepting jobs for office / glam room decoration and design… Since I am officially a pro!


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