When Organization is LIFE…

I travel a fair amount never anything crazy, but I always get such anxiety when it comes to my suitcase and how messy and unorganized it gets!

This weekend, my sisters are I are taking a long weekend and going to our grandparents and because I am an overachiever, I decided to pack early and get it out of the way.

I am an over packer by nature. I can’t help it… I like to have all my things, because I never know my mood, bloated level or if the weather will impact my outfit. Even once I’ve packed, I unpack and pack again to make sure I have everything, since you know FL is a third world country!

But when traveling by plane it can be tricky since carry on luggage is now absolutely necessary since checking a bag is $50 PER BAG!

I bought packing cubes, to help organize my suitcase and allow for optimal over-packing! These cubes are now my FAVORITE thing in the entire world!

These cubes allow for full organization with 3 Clothing Cubes in Small, Medium, Large as well as 3 pouches in small, medium large and a laundry bag!

I was able to fit most of the clothing in the larger 2 cubes then bras and bathing suits in the smallest one. 20170204_141723433_ios
I saved the smallest pouch for underwear and the medium cube for my Florida outfit in my tote. The largest cube I will put my hair tools in along my make up. It surprisingly ALL fit in the carry on, and it even closed!

I strongly recommend these cubes to ANYONE who travels as they are amazing and allows for a stress-free travel.

Naturally the cats made several attempts to pack themselves into my suitcase. #CatLadyForever

All packed and ready to go! Sister Vacay here we come! #SisterTrip2K17


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