What a week its been!!! 20170215_104859000_ios

One week ago today my LONG time boyfriend asked me to marry him and share the rest of his life. I freaked out so hard, I made him ask me a second time so I could hear him say it!

It was the sweetest proposal, and exactly how I would have wanted it, because it was so perfectly US!

I got back from FL Monday night, after a long trip (think…planes, trains and automobiles) Woke up Tuesday as per usual and started my day. I greeted my guy, gave him my valentines day card and then went to work…20170215_110212692_ios

It was a perfectly normal day, which is typical for us, we’re not big on the hallmark holidays and don’t usually do much, nor have we exchanged gifts in YEARS! Which is why I was TOTALLY caught off guard when I walked into the house after running errands in the evening, to find a gift bag on the coffee table and a shit eating grin on his face!

Here is the exact conversation that transpired!

Me: Hey! What’s this?

A: I don’t know, close your eyes and reach into the bag…

Me: *Still not reaching in*, What is it though?

A: Just reach in!

Me: *Reaches into bag, pulls out box*…. WHATS THIS?

A: Open It! *Grinning in the cutest way ever*

Me: *Opens box* OMG are you serious????? *Continues to freak the Fuck out!*

A: Will you Marry Me?

Me: *Goes over and kisses him and I THINK I said Yes… and sits down cheesin so hard…*

Me: Say it again!

A: What?

Me: You have to ask me again, I need to hear it again…

A: Will you Marry Me? *puts ring on finger*

Me: Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses, Hugs then I proceeded to gallop around the house screaming “We’re GETTING MARRIED”

My Fiancé (you see that???) then went and made dinner and I proceeded to call the entire world!

It was the most perfect proposal EVER! I couldn’t have thought up a better or more romantic way and I was completely caught off guard because NEVER in a million years would I expect him to do it on Valentine’s Day20170214_223516296_ios

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ridiculously, goofily happy in my entire life. I felt like I was in a euphoric state where I just couldn’t stop smiling and felt utterly relaxed.

We then popped champagne, a bottle I’ve been waiting to drink since my 25th Birthday and saving for this occasion….

Naturally, I had ordered a sign off Etsy back in August for the perfect Photo Op of the kitties making their own announcement…. I know, I am insane.

I CAN’T believe it still! After nearly 7 years, we are FINALLY Getting Married!!!!

I can’t wait to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him <3


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