Countdown is ON…

So, today, Tuesday, February 28th, we’ve offi20170225_131941208_ioscially been engaged for 2 weeks… 2 Whole Weeks of bliss, happiness, and all the glowy feels.

To say this has been an incredibly weird time in life, would be an understatement. In these past 2 weeks, we’ve celebrated love and mourned the loss of a life. We’ve been congratulated while saying goodbye and toasted to both our love along to the ending of an incredibly long life.

I’ve learned a lot about at life in these past 2 weeks but I’ve learned even more about myself, my man and this crazy thing called love.

I’ve learned that our love is probably the strongest there is, I’ve learned that wedding planning is overwhelming and that if you 20170222_222335923_iostake it in bite size chunks it makes it much easier… It also helps to plan on getting married 20 months from now! I’ve also learned that everyone has a tip or piece of advice and its helpful to listen, make notes and take it all into consideration.

I’ve learned that dreams do come true, and I cannot WAIT to marry this man! I can’t wait to look a venues, taste all the cake, sample all the foods and plan the greatest most magical wedding ever!

I’ve always been told wedding planning is one of the most joyful, incredibly stressful and wonderful times in a young couples life… And that couldn’t be more true.

Finally and most importantly I’ve learned that communication is key and that at the end of the day, this wedding is about US, our love, our future and nobody else!



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