The Dating Game of Wedding Planning.

Ok, so you find the guy… you get to know each other, you date for 6.5 years and get engaged… But then the REAL dating begins and you realize, finding the person you want to spend your life with was the easiest part of the whole ordeal!

You have to date the venues, the photographer, the DJ, the dresses, the florist, etc… You go on so many dates, just hoping to find the right vendor that makes you tingly in all the right places. You read all the reviews, look at the pictures and go on so many dates you begin mix up names, and begin to forget who you emailed and who you haven’t.

There really needs to be a tinder for vendors. Like you write your bio… put your budget and then you swipe until you match with the right vendor! That would make the whole process SO much easier! 20170311_162939000_iOS

PS. The Knot Binder in my hand —-> Is ABSOLUTE LIFE… The Knot makes everything SO much easier and organized… My Type A personality is OBSESSED!

While dating around though, your fiancé puts you on a very short leash and makes you really do your homework to have multiple options to choose from. Which is a VERY good thing, since I get SO overly excited, I am basically a golden retriever and want to jump on every new thing because I just LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Since getting engaged, I am learning so much more about being an adult and taking my time, being thorough and really thinking things through…

Then… Comes the real fun… Making your guest list…. Which is the moment you realize you have 8500 cousins, your parents have 10,000 friends, and you have way more friends than you thought you did. But who do you cut? How do you keep your guest list from getting out of control and where do you draw the line? When you’re buying your family and friends a very expensive dinner you really need to be selective :(.

The invention of the secondary list is a godsend, and you get real good at determining who would bring you joy to see at your wedding and who is only on the list because you were friends for a hot second!

The best part is, not only do you have your guy to help you through this dating process, but you have your sisters, best friends, parents and every bridal article and website around!

You also have Etsy to order adorable boxes to ask your bridesmaids… So EXCITED to finally make it official and ask my besties to stand by me!

The fun is just beginning, and naturally I am hitting the ground running, after being engagement for a month, since I’ve only been dreaming of this day for my entire life.

But its all leading up to the BEST. DAY. EVER. and even though dating is exhausting its all so worth it, because you get to marry your best friend and party the night away with all your closest friends and family!… Also makes you VERY grateful you found your person <3


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