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But WHAT IS a wedding diet…

Ok. So. I’ve become that girl… I’ve become that girl I loved to talk to but secretly hated… I’ve become that girl who is so insanely in love, happy, excited and can ONLY talk about her wedding…

I’m so happy, relaxed and stress-free that people have begun telling me I look like I’ve lost weight. Which I haven’t but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so happy that all I want to do is talk about our wedding, the future, the exciting plans, dresses, wedding favors & veils.

I’m so happy, that I am even annoying myself…. Except hardly even at all. But I have come to know that I does overly bother some… So, If my happiness bothers you, you find it annoying or choose to spend your time “counting” how many Relfies (ring selfies) I post…. Feel free to un-follow me. Don’t have time for that negativity!

In my excitement, I’ve managed to plan our entire wedding in 2 months. Like Locked & Loaded… Venue (DONE), DJ (DONE), Photographer (DONE), Dress (DONE)… Engagement Party (delegated), Bridesmaids (Asked), Wedding Date (Set)…

The rest is just semantics… Invitations, Gifts, Favors, Etc…

Needless to say I’ve been a very busy girl, on top of all that planning, etsy purchasing, pinterest searching and wedding talk talking, I’ve also been busy working my TWO jobs… NBD but ya no, I also managed to build a brand new, kick ass website for our company! Shameless Plug <– Check it out! Its awesome!

In all my working, planning and living of life, I’ve let my exercise really fall off… There was also that week I was in a walking boot, for spraining my foot after dropping a metal baking sheet on it…. (what is life…) But for the most part, I’ve just been a lazy POS… From my lapse in workouts, among other personal things, I’ve now unfortunately begun to notice an increase in my waist line! Its shocking that if you continue to eat like an asshole and DON’T work out you will get fat!!! WHO THE F*&K knew!!!!

I also realized thanks to my ever reality checking and Dave Ramsey supporting friend L, that when I miss one of my 12 classes as Synergy & don’t make it up that month, I am throwing away $30 dollars… Which as she so incredibly put is 3 bottles of wine or 10 Coffees (from Dunks) or 1 manicure… That REALLY registered with me and I now am hitting the reset button and recommitting…

And if its on the internet it has to be true… So here I go.

Here is my vow to recommit to my fitness & health…. I need to say I Do to me, before I say I Do to A… and G-d help me, I will be 20 lbs lighter on my wedding day, because

  1. I vow to drink LESS during the week… Choosing Water over Wine (but really tequila) and not indulging on a just a random Wednesday night…
  2. I vow to pay more attention to my unhealthy carb and sugar intake… Cutting out the bread whenever possible and just having a burger on lettuce… Everything in moderation is my life motto.
  3. I vow to make better decisions, but still enjoy my life! I also will NOT be bringing back #AlyCooks, so eating whatever my wonderful man makes, but everything in moderation!
  4. I vow to work out 3-4 times a week and getting my (squat fearing) ass to Synergy, where I get my butt kicked EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  5. I vow to eat more meals per day and eating at home every meal possible! One thing i realized is that I really don’t eat enough during the day… which apparently is not healthy!
  6. I vow to eat less fried foods, pizza & tacos… well… Maybe….

If there is a limit to how many times a reset button can be hit…. Don’t tell me!

Here we go again!





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